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21 December 2021
Svitlana's dream to have bigger housing has come true!
On one of the mornings of December 2020, during the charity fundraising race # 280km28dniv28000, Svitlana, 28 year old single mother of four children and Berezhany orphanage graduate shared her thoughts on her biggest dream - to have bigger housing for her and her four children in the near future. She realized that her children are growing up very quickly and that her brother with a disability will join them soon after graduating from school. All six of them will not be able to fit and live in the small dormitory room (12sq.m.) that Svitlana bought 4 years ago from money she earned. So we decided to try to help. In early March, Orphans’ Future foundation started organizing a fundraising campaign to help Svitlana to raise the necessary amount of money to buy a larger place to live. We were aware that this fundraising process could take us 3-5 years, knowing the realities of life in Ukraine. We were preparing Svitlana psychologically for several months, before she decided to allow us to share her dream on social networks and media to start the campaign. We took a risk.
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17 November 2020
Affordable temporary housing for youth, the graduates of orphanages
Thanks to charitable contributions to the Orphans’ Future Foundation, we were able to provide temporary affordable housing for youth the orphanage graduates. During November, fifteen young people, the former orphanage graduates of Ternopil region, aged 23+, received financial assistance for rent (during the heating season) and improvement of living conditions (repair of housing) under the Program "Temporary Affordable Housing" 2020-2021.
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01 September 2020
An Assistant Backpack
Before September 1st, we provided the basic stationery to 22 children (aged 2 to 15), who are brought up in 14 families, whose mothers are former graduates of orphanage boarding schools of Ternopil region.
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