Housing - accessible to orphans, graduates of care institutions 2020-2023


The program "Housing - accessible to orphans, graduates of care institutions 2020-2023" (hereinafter the "Program") contributes to the provision of housing for graduates of residential institutions of the Ternopil region, from among orphans and children deprived of parental care and persons from their number (hereinafter Graduates) for the years 2020-2023 and was developed to implement the decision of the Board of the Ternopil Regional Charitable Fund "Future of Orphans" No. 001 dated June 21, 2020, with the aim of providing housing (temporary, permanent) to graduates of residential institutions who permanently live in the territory of the Ternopil Region and in accordance with defined by the legislation of Ukraine as requiring improvement of living conditions.

The program is valid under the following conditions:

  • availability of funds in the account of the Orphans Future Foundation
  • for young families and single citizens from the number of persons, graduates of residential care institutions, orphans and children deprived of parental care, registered in the Ternopil region during the last 10 years of age

The legislation of Ukraine in the field of providing housing to citizens is based on the Constitution of Ukraine and consists of normative legal acts of civil, housing and land legislation and other normative legal acts regulating relations in this area.

Implementation period: September 2020. - September 2023

Program participants: Persons from the number of orphans and those deprived of parental care aged 23 and over who are graduates of care institutions of the Ternopil region.

Solution: Persons from the number of orphans, graduates of care institutions of the Ternopil region have access to tools and resources to provide themselves with stable temporary or permanent housing in Ukraine during the period of adaptation to adult independent life.

Problem: the economic situation in Ukraine leads to a decrease in the level of social life of most people. Young people from the number of orphans and those deprived of parental care, graduates of care institutions found themselves in a particularly difficult situation. They have no relatives who could support them in providing them with stable housing or any kind of roof over their heads. Without registration and a certificate of official income, orphans cannot obtain the required amount of credit from bank institutions or become a participant in state programs for obtaining affordable housing. Most have to go into debt, which in turn leads to an even greater decline in their standard of living, and they slide into crushing poverty and depression.

The lack of available resources and tools necessary to provide housing for themselves and their families deprives graduates of residential institutions from among orphans and children deprived of parental care of their basic constitutional right to housing and, accordingly, their future well-being. Without their own housing and registration, they are demotivated to earn and save money, officially get a job or start their own families, due to the fear of being out on the street at any moment, and as a result, their lives end in alcoholism, homelessness or ending up in shelters.

Fear of the unknown turns into aggression and apathy, because until the age of 23, the state of Ukraine did not provide these young people with appropriate housing guaranteed by the laws of Ukraine and reduced them to a helpless state.

Who are "Participant" and "Candidate"?

"Candidate" is a person who registers and submits the necessary documents to participate in the Program

"Participant" is a person who passed the criteria for selecting candidates for participation in the Program

Decision: During the Program, to attract fund and provide Program participants with available financial resources (if available) and tools, persons from among orphans and children deprived of parental care, graduates of care institutions of the Ternopil region aged 23 and older , in order to solve their housing issues: renting, repairing or buying housing. Provided that the state has not provided such a right to receive such housing until the age of 23.

The main results of the implementation of the Program are:

  • creating additional incentives for official employment of orphaned youth in the Ternopil region.
  • creation of favorable conditions for providing housing for orphaned youth of Ternopil.
  • absence of homeless persons from among the graduates of boarding schools in the territory of Ternopil and Ternopil Oblast after they reach the age of 23.
  • additional income to the treasury of the community or the state from the payment of relevant taxes

Algorithm of actions: A needy person from among orphans aged 23+ applies in writing to the Foundation for assistance in solving their housing issue. The application must be accompanied by documents confirming the candidate's solvency to cover at least 60% of the cost of housing, repair of own housing or rent. The Board analyzes the received documents and makes a decision based on the received questionnaire and application data. The board of the fund seeks and attracts financing in accordance with the prepared estimate for each participant of the Program. To receive assistance (rent, compensation for communal services, home repair, purchase), the candidate undertakes to meet the criteria for selection and participation in the Program. After the positive decision of the Board to provide assistance, the participant is obliged to provide evidence (receipts, checks, receipts) of payment for the purchase or repair of his home, absence of debt for utility services or rent at the place of residence.

Steps of implementation of the Program "Housing - accessible to orphans, graduates of care institutions 2020-2023"

  1. Prepare the Questionnaire "Housing condition of graduates of care institutions"
  2. Send Questionnaires to graduates by available means with a request to fill in the questionnaire data
  3. To select candidates for the Program according to the criteria established by these Regulations of the Program
  4. Organize meetings and interviews with Program candidates
  5. To select participants who write applications for assistance in the name of the Foundation and submit copies of passport, TIN code, bank account details
  6. The Foundation, having a list of selected candidates, attracts financial assistance from benefactors and sponsors for the implementation of this Program
  7. The Fund transfers one-time benefits to the participants of the Program to their personal bank cards to pay rent, repair or purchase housing
  8. Program participants bring copies of receipts, receipts, contracts for housing or about the absence of debt and give the owners' contacts for communication (if possible)
  9. The submitted receipts and receipts are analyzed and checked, and a decision is made by the Management Board of the Foundation to issue (not issue) the next amount of assistance

Types of assistance that a "Participant" of the Program can receive from the Foundation

  • Compensation for housing rent in the winter period.
  • Compensation for the repair of one's own home, in which there are no living conditions for participants at the time of submitting an application for assistance.
  • Assistance in paying interest on loan funds received from the bank for the purchase of housing.
  • Assistance in the purchase of housing/ co-financing of such acquisition 40% of the cost of housing, but not more than 280,000 hryvnias. per person.

Criteria for selecting "Candidates" for participation in the Program

  1. No alcohol addiction or drug addiction in the last 3 years.
  2. Lack of own housing (reference).
  3. Availability of work (official, unofficial).
  4. Availability of passport and identification code.
  5. Be a graduate of a residential institution, DBST, foster family with the status of deprived of parental care.
  6. Availability of a completed Questionnaire "Housing condition of graduates of care institutions".
  7. Being able to have or save 60% of the amount for housing, repairs or rent.

If you answer positively (+) to all points, then "Candidate" goes to "Participants".

List of documents submitted by "Participants" of the Program

  1. Copy of passport and identification code.
  2. A copy of the document on the status of an orphan or deprived of parental care.
  3. Application in the name of the foundation with a request to receive financial assistance.
  4. A receipt stating that there is no arrears for communal services or housing rent or a copy of the housing lease/purchase agreement.
  5. Certificate or receipt from the place of work/tax office indicating the position and the amount of payments for the last 6 months.
  6. A copy of the document on housing ownership and the calculation of the cost of repair works (estimate) in case of the need to repair one's own housing. Inspection reports that this house needs repair.

Criteria for selecting participants who will receive housing assistance

  • Availability of all the documents listed above (copies).
  • Understands the importance of saving one's own funds for 1 year.
  • Obligates to pay a tax of 20% of the amount of targeted assistance provided during the year.
  • Absence of alcohol or drug addiction (through a certificate from the hospital or by observation).
  • No mental illness (or hospital certificate).
  • Availability of the Act of inspection of living conditions/lack of housing (made by a representative of the Foundation.
  • Absence of arrears on housing rent (receipt from the owner (lessor).
  • No or covered criminal record at the time of application and participation in the Program.

Duties of representatives of the Foundation

  • Study the housing condition and situation of each candidate of the Program.
  • Keep electronic and paper records of Program participants and candidates in order to monitor changes in his/her situation.
  • Attract financial charitable assistance for the implementation of this Program.

Where will the funds for the "Affordable Housing for Orphans" program come from?

  • Charitable donations.

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