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Leaving the native walls of state-run institutions, 70% of graduates aged 16-17 find it difficult to adapt and integrate into adult, independent life in open society.

It is difficult for young people to feel security, support from others, to complete their studies in educational institutions, they cannot find a stable job, independently solve housing problems and registration, organize high-quality full-time leisure time, and ultimately - create a full-fledged family of their own. Due to the lack of a state system of social support for a graduate of a residential institution, as well as due to economic, social and psychological problems, young people are looking for an easy way out of problematic situations and are on the path of crime, suicide, alcohol and drug addiction, prostitution and human trafficking.

Therefore, in 2011, with charitable funds from patrons, for the first time in Ukraine, we implemented the project of creating the Ternopil Resource Center for Orphans, in which we created conditions for the development and leisure of orphaned youth who come out of care.


The existence of the Information-Resource Center helps orphans self-realize and spend meaningful leisure time, as well as to provide psychological, material, consulting support for solving educational, housing issues and employment.

In the Information and Resource Center orphans can:

  • use a personal computer, connect to the Internet for educational purposes, printer, scanner, copier and library;
  • take a shower, wash clothes and underwear;
  • get information about the consultation of a psychologist, workers from social services and the employment center;
  • get information about legal assistance in solving housing and property problems, benefits, problems with registration and passport production;
  • to communicate with young people who have left residential institutions and spend their free time in a meaningful way;
  • get the necessary reference information about state and non-state services.

Take actions in:

  • trainings, seminars, round tables, and debates for systematically deepening your knowledge and obtaining useful information on choosing a profession, employment, time and budget planning, health and family;
  • charity events and excursions;
  • international and Ukrainian educational exchange programs.

Representatives of the Information and Resource Center cooperate with state and non-state organizations to jointly solve housing, legal, social, psychological problems of students and youth from among orphans and children deprived of parental care, graduates of residential institutions. Such a partnership increases the quality of social services, which facilitates the process of adaptation and integration of orphans into society.

You can support the functioning of the Information Resource Center by following the Support section in main menu. Thank you.

Ресурсний центр в с.Петриків, вул. Стуса 3а, Тернопільський район. Відкрито у 2020 році

Ресурсний центр по вул. Чумацька 37, м. Тернопіль (2011-2020)



31 July 2021
Our July activities at the organization
Involved people through social networks in fundraising to collect items and funds for the purchase of 15 suitcases of household items for orphan graduates, who will leave orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region and will start independent life in September.
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31 May 2021
Less candy - more attention. Change one life of an orphan
In order to draw attention to the problems of orphans and children deprived of parental care of the Ternopil region, Ukraine and to involve caring people to individual support and mentorring, our Foundation organized a press conference on the occasion of International Children's Day in Ternopil Press Club.
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07 May 2021
The best volunteers of the Foundation were awarded
Fifteen proactive orphanage youth of the Orphans’ Future Foundation received awards for volunteering on behalf of our children and youth from among the orphans of Ternopil and Ternopil region, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the organization.
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