Social Project «Our Green House»

Project started: April, 2020

The initial cost of the project: 75 thousand hryvnias

Initiator and executor: Orphans Future Foundation

Donor: Jonathan Volodymyr Pylypiv

The Problem

Graduates of residential institutions from among orphans and children who are deprived of parental care, who live in Ternopil, are limited in the ability to buy enough for their full life, fresh vegetables to provide themselves with the necessary vitamins and minerals. The charitable fund "Future of Orphans" does not have services that can self-support its full-fledged activity.


We provide opportunities for graduates of residential institutions, from among orphans and children deprived of parental care, to provide themselves with agricultural products and learn to run an agricultural business.


Each graduate of the boarding school has access to ecologically grown vegetables and possesses the basic skills of agricultural management through participation in the social project "Our Greenhouse".

Why do we do greenhouse farming?

  • We are learning to grow organic vegetables
  • We have access to vegetables for our own consumption and to help fund members
  • We provide a small income to support the foundation's charitable programs
  • We are thinking about an ecological product
  • We develop entrepreneurial skills and abilities without having any experience yet
  • We show the community that we not only ask for help, but also take steps to earn for ourselves
  • It's interesting to us, so it will be interesting to others
  • We have another direction in the fund's activities
  • This is a perspective for the future
  • We provide employment for boarding school graduates who are unemployed
  • We need experts in horticulture, agribusiness in greenhouse management

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"Our greenhouse". Start of social project

"Our greenhouse". Ternopil News Channel TEREN (September 9th, 2023)



May 8th, 2023
The season has started
During April and May, together with the orphanage children of Ternopil Region care institutions, we planted lettuce, pepper and tomatoes in the green house.
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14 July 2021
Our greenhouse is making us happy with the harvest
"Our Greenhouse" began to delight with its harvest of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, which are grown by members of the Orphan’s Future Foundation". Every day, graduates of our Resource Center strive to make the harvest rich and environmentally friendly: weeding, picking dry or wilted leaves, watering, ventilating greenhouses, clearing of parasites and pests, tying twigs and collecting harvest. It is a pleasure to see how hard work in May yields, which is enjoyed by all interested members of the organization.
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