Eugen Hlywa Scholarship Fund

About scholarship

"Eugene Hlywa Fund Scholarship" is a non-governmental, social and charitable program (hereinafter referred to as the Scholarship Program) launched in January 2020 by Orphans Future Foundation thanks to generous gift from the Eugene Hlywa’s Will for STUDENTS and YOUNG PEOPLE from among orphans and children deprived of parental care.

The goal of the Yevhen Hlyva Scholarship Program is to improve the financial situation of students from among orphans and children deprived of parental care and among them aged 18 to 35 years (inclusive) of Ternopil region, which will improve their educational and practical skills for adaptation to independent life and will form an active personality and aware citizens of Ukraine.

Candidate/Participant of the Program is a young person aged 18-35 from among orphans and children deprived of parental care, who submitted an application for the Yevhen Hlyva Scholarship Program and passed all stages of selection

Terms of participation in the Scholarship Program

Candidates for the Scholarship Program must:

  • Be active participants in social, educational or cultural events and projects;
  • Send a completed student application form, if you are a student, and a graduate application form, if you are no longer a student; a letter of motivation and the necessary package of documents, the list of which is specified in clause 3 of the Regulations on the Scholarship Program to the e-mail:
  • Be active participants in social, educational or cultural events and projects;
  • Know the basics of the biography of the outstanding man Yevhen Hlyva.

Additional Information:

  • The deadline for submitting the questionnaire and documents is February 1 or August 1 each year
  • Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate their vision of how this scholarship will contribute to academic success, participation in leisure activities, and demonstrate skills in competent budget planning and use of scholarship funds during the interview.
  • The amount of the Scholarship is at least 1,500 hryvnias every month, including all taxes, and can be spent on current needs and does not require reporting.
  • Financial aid is notified no later than February 15 or September 15.
  • There is a mandatory meeting with the participants of the Scholarship Program twice a year.
  • Students who already receive personal scholarships from other foundations cannot be Participants of the Yevhen Hlyva Scholarship Program.
  • Applications with an incomplete package of documents will not be considered.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at


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14 October 2021
17 orphan students received Yevhen Hlywa Scholarship
"I am glad to be a scholarship holder. I will use this scholarship to get a higher education, and for learning English”, says scholarship holder Oleksandr Koptsyukh.
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05 March 2021
Orphan students received certificates for the Scholarship named after Eugene Glyva
Today fifteen orphan students (ages 16-21) from seven educational institutions of the Ternopil region received certificates for The Hlywa Scholarship 2021 at Orphans Future Resource Center.
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01 February 2021
Eugene Hlywa Scholarship Competition 2021 started
Orphans' Future Foundation Ukraine has started accepting applications for Eugean Hlywa Scholarships from students and youth from among orphans and persons from among the graduates of boarding school orphanages and family-type homes living and studying in educational institutions of Ternopil area.
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