14 October 2021

17 orphan students received Yevhen Hlywa Scholarship

"I am glad to be a scholarship holder. I will use this scholarship to get a higher education, and for learning English”, says scholarship holder Oleksandr Koptsyukh.

This time of the year the winners were 17 students aged 16-22 years, from 7 institutions of professional (vocational), professional higher education of Ternopil and Ternopil region - Terebovlya Vocational College of Culture and Arts - 2 students, Chortkiv VPU - 4 students, Zalishchyk VPU - 4 students, Western Ukrainian National University - 3 students, Ternopil Pedagogical University - 1 student, Ternopil VPU of restaurant service and trade - 1 student, Halychyna Medical College - 2 students).

Before the Student Day (October 17th,) successful and proactive students from all over the Ternopil region visited the Resource Center of the Orphans Future Foundation to receive long-awaited Scholarships as proof of "what I can" and "what I want" to change life when there is a great desire, and most importantly there are people nearby who can support at such a moment.

On this day, the studnets not only received words of congratulations, but also with great enthusiasm met a team of caring people who implement various programs and projects in the Foundation of the Ternopil region.

The students received a Scholarship from the Foundation for 4 months (September, October, November and December). During the participation in the Program they will volunteer in various events.

In December, after passing the session, they can apply again for participation in the Eugene Hlyva Scholarship 2022.

The main goal of the Eugene Hlyva Scholarship Program is to increase the motivation of orphans to acquire educational, practical life skills and improve their financial situation.

Also, at the end of the event, the young people had a favorite pizza with juice from our benefactors - pizzeria "Good Pizza" and Alexander Dykun (Kyiv), in congratulations on such an important event in their lives.

The total amount of scholarships for 17 orphan students amounted - UAH 129,000. (of which we paid taxes amounted - UAH 13,896, and bank expenses - UAH 176.44)

The Eugene Hlyva Scholarship was launched at the Foundation in January 2020 at the initiative of the patron Yevhen Leonidovich Hlyva, the psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, public figure, who was born in Ukraine but had to live in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

An important point is that in addition to students, young people under the age of 35 (orphans) who want to get a new profession, knowledge, or skills to change their lives for the better can also apply for the Eugene Hlyva Scholarship. Our organization promotes such young people on a constant basis.

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