17 November 2020

Affordable temporary housing for youth, the graduates of orphanages

Thanks to charitable contributions to the Orphans’ Future Foundation, we were able to provide temporary affordable housing for youth the orphanage graduates. During November, fifteen young people, the former orphanage graduates of Ternopil region, aged 23+, received financial assistance for rent (during the heating season) and improvement of living conditions (repair of housing) under the Program "Temporary Affordable Housing" 2020-2021.

Such a program was launched by the Orphans’ Future Foundation in order to provide temporary housing for those "adult orphans" aged 23+ who have lost the opportunity to receive it from the state by law under the age of 23. Unfortunately, this category of people remains abandoned by the state and is not prepared for the realities of life.

Over the past few years, we have analyzed more than 80 life stories of boarding school graduates who shared their experiences of "independence", "adaptation". The main problems they face most often, namely stable housing and stable work.

The most egregious were the stories of 15 graduates in distress and some on the streets due to job loss, child rearing, medical treatment, low income and poverty.

Such stories are very different, but at the same time there is one thing that unites them all - the desire to live better today, with great effort every day. In most cases, graduates rent housing, spending all their savings to have a roof over their heads.

Such "adult orphans" for years wander around and live in fear of tomorrow, to be evicted at any time.

The total costs of this program was UAH 58,895 (including all taxes) which is about $2105 USD.

Sincere thanks to those magicians who supported the Temporary Affordable Housing Program:

- Nina Maksymenko and Work with Virtido (Switzerland) $1,130 USD

- Adrian and Chris Spronks - $1000

Friends, each of you can become a personal patron of a graduate who has nowhere to live and help with housing.

Contact us: 0975530820, 0966839013, office@orphansfuture.org

Donations can be made through the LIQPAY system.

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