01 September 2020

An Assistant Backpack

Before September 1st, we provided the basic stationery to 22 children (aged 2 to 15), who are brought up in 14 families, whose mothers are former graduates of orphanage boarding schools of Ternopil region.

The "Assistant Backpack" campaign is part of the Helping Hands Foundation's Program. The purpose of such a program is to provide psychological and material support to the graduates of orphanage boarding schools who are temporarily in difficult life circumstances or\and raising children on their own.

From our many years of experience, timely support of families in need prevents such consequences as alcoholism, drug addiction, job loss, loss of housing, and self-doubt. And most importantly, such "families" do not send their children to orphanages, thus breaking stereotypes and generally known statistics of their future".

The Assistant Backpack campaign was made possible thanks to the financial aid from the Work with Virtido Company (Switzerland) through our friend Nina Maksymenko.

The Assistant Backpack includes such school supplies as Backpack. Ballpoint pen. Watercolor paint. Brushes. Drawing album. Colored pencils. Scissors. Ruler. Compass. Colored cardboard. Colored paper. Covers for notebooks. Glue PV. .Plasticine. Pencil case. Folder for notebooks. Coloring. Large coloring. Proofreader-pen. Set of colored paper. Set of files. Notebooks. Pencils. Erasers

The total amount of the budget amounted to UAH 6,083.22. ($245 USD)

We share with you the impressions of the participants of the action:

"Thank you for helping my children to go to school"; "I am very glad that there is such a Foundation that helped my child with stationery"; "I was very worried that I would not be able to buy enough notebooks, albums for school for my children"; "Oh, now the child will have a new backpack, not from the older brother."

Friends, you can also support such families through the Helping Hands Program by contacting us: 0966839013, 0975530820

Or writing us office@orphansfuture.org

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