31 May 2021

Less candy - more attention. Change one life of an orphan

In order to draw attention to the problems of orphans and children deprived of parental care of the Ternopil region, Ukraine and to involve caring people to individual support and mentorring, our Foundation organized a press conference on the occasion of International Children's Day in Ternopil Press Club.

The International Children's Day is celebrated on June 1st.

Journalists heard answers to many important questions about orphans and children deprived of parental care who live in Ternopil region, deprived of effective individual support in the process of socialization.

They lack life skills to understand and defend their rights to housing, property, quality education and future work, family life and just a normal vision of themselves in the future.

The children in institutions of Ukraine are limited in positive patterns of behavior in society to emulate and apply.

At the conference, we informed the public about the mission of the Orphans’ Future Charitable Foundation in the lives of pupils and graduates of state-run orphanage boarding schools of Ternopil region. What support the state and local communities provide or need to provide to effective individual support in the socialization process.

Andriy Nazarenko, the head of the Foundation explained the mission of the Orphans’ Future in the lives of pupils and graduates of boarding schools in the Ternopil region.

Iryna Abramets, the coordinator of programs and projects of the Foundation shared positive experience on what is the impact of the programs “Invite a child to a family", "Mentoring", "Excursions", "Summer camps", "Birthday party", Trainings" On the threshold of independent living "on the process of socialization of orphanage children of the Ternopil region.

Rostyslav Drozd, the head of the Service for Children of Ternopil Regional State Administration - "The role of the state and territorial communities in addressing the housing rights of orphans and the right to their family upbringing."

Oksana Halyuk, a representative of the Department of Education and Science of Ternopil Regional State Administration - "What benefits do orphans have when entering educational institutions and during their studies; Inclusion today. The right to education"

The Berezhena orphanage boarding school was also present. Yana shared her own experience of raising in the orphanage, and what difficulties she faced as a child and growing up without parental warmth. The hardest part for Yana growing up in institution was watching like other parents visit her schoolmates but nobody comes to take her home. She felt alone.

So, we invite local community to be responsible for the children and become mentors for every child who needs our help or attention.

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