07 May 2021

The best volunteers of the Foundation were awarded

Fifteen proactive orphanage youth of the Orphans’ Future Foundation received awards for volunteering on behalf of our children and youth from among the orphans of Ternopil and Ternopil region, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the organization.

During the fifteen years we have gathered our treasury of "good" deeds of our special volunteers of the Foundation, who were and are with us and always come to the rescue - carrying a lot of positive emotions and charging with great energy those who need our help,

Thank you to each of you for your invaluable experience in helping those who really needed it.

We can proudly say that we have reliable, positive, bright, kind, proactive volunteers in the implementation of projects and programs of the Foundation. Together with you, over these fifteen years, we have implemented numbers of projects and programs for the better future of children and youth deprived of parental care.

During the meeting, each of the volunteers was treated with delicious delicacies and remembered their participation in the Foundation's activities, leaving a part of themselves on the posters "Volunteering together for fifteen years".

"Well done."

"Keep it up."

Together we can do more.

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