July 1st, 2023

Supporting foster families of the Ternopil region

We are very thankful to Global Fund for Children for the grant.

174 orphans aged 3 to 17, who are raised in 36 foster families in the Ternopil region. Of them, 43 children who are members of 9 foster families, were forcibly resettled from the East of Ukraine due to the war, currently settled in the Ternopil Oblast.

Every month from January to June 2023, each family received 1000 hryvnias per child for food, hygiene products, and medicine.

Foster families were asked to describe the impact of the money that they received. The greatest benefit was that children received food not normally available from fruit to meat, making meals more interesting than usual but more importantly improving the nutritional content of meals. Providing interesting and nutritional food is a consistent challenge for foster families which was made considerably easier with the additional funding. The children’s health would have been positively impacted. One family actually said that they were able to buy food that their children could previously only dream of.

Support Global Fund for Children grant program.

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