June 10th, 2023

First Ternopil Foster Care Forum

Clean (empty) sheets of paper were filled with text, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, experiences and possible visions of solving the problems of foster families in the Ternopil region.

160 people, of which: 82 are children, aged 6 to 18, and 78 adults, of which: 60 women and 18 men spent an unforgettable and much-needed time together to find solutions that can improve the standard of living of adoptive families.

These are the preliminary results of the first forum of foster families of the Ternopil region "A child's happiness - growing up in a family", which took place on June 9, 2023 in the city of Ternopil under the initiative of the "Future of Orphans" Charitable Foundation.

In partnership, the Charitable Foundation "Podolyani" president - Tetyana Chubak, @Partnership to every child (Larysa Stryga), Ternopil regional and city services and centers, students of the Pedagogical University named after V. Hnatyuk, majoring in "Social work", we gave the opportunity to meet in a friendly atmosphere, representatives of state authorities, adoptive parents, children, public and charitable organizations, which are called to ensure the right of a child to grow up in a family, and to find points of contact, solutions to today's problems .

The forum gave everyone the opportunity to hear each other: parents - the government and the government - parents, parents - children, and to establish effective communication, to develop and develop materials for analysis and creation of a request to the ministries, regarding the improvement of conditions for parents-teachers in the process of raising children. We thank Alla Melnichuk for her moderation and analysis.

The results of the developed materials will be presented by experts during the week, because the participants of the forum worked very efficiently and submitted their proposals.

In addition to the work of parents, students and social services, children aged 12 to 18 had the right to vote, and together with the psychologists of the forum presented wishes and recommendations to parents. It was very important for children to express themselves, to speak out anonymously, and for parents to hear them. We thank psychologists for conveying the thoughts and voices of children to parents.

The developed materials of the forum will also form the basis for the formation and creation of new programs and projects, the attraction of additional funding to the Ternopil region in order to raise and improve the standard of living and the quality of providing services for foster families (DBST and PS).

And while the adults and teenagers worked, the little ones had the opportunity to relax in the "Madagascar" game room, and the teenagers, after completing their work, had the opportunity to go skating and play bowling. We thank the team of the Podolyan shopping center for their professional cooperation.

At the end of the forum, each family present received special thanks for their care and dedicated work from the "Future of Orphans" fund.

We thank the "Global Children's Fund" for helping foster families during the war in Ukraine and the Yevhen Hlyva Foundation for helping to feed the participants of the forum and for stationery and printing materials.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the preparation process and held the forum of foster families.

We have already promised that this forum becomes the beginning of the tradition of holding such meetings annually. And we hope that such support will increase the number of foster families in the Ternopil region. Because only together: the government, the community, charitable and public organizations and business can help a child to be happy - to grow up in a family.

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