31 July 2021

Our July activities at the organization

Involved people through social networks in fundraising to collect items and funds for the purchase of 15 suitcases of household items for orphan graduates, who will leave orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region and will start independent life in September.

2. Affordable Housing for Orphans Program provided assistance to 7 youth in need (orphanage graduates) who every day highlight the problems low earnings, unstable work, lack of housing, expensive housing and on the example of real stories of orphans, raise charitable funds through various news / messages / media / social network.

3. The team of the organization watched after and was picking up (harvesting) vegetables, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, raspberries, and sweet cherries under the Our Greenhouse Project at the Orphan Resource Center. Some of the harvest was distributed to orphanage youth, graduates in need and other to locals for a donation.

4. We conducted a survey of orphan graduates to find out what real problems they face and what are the main needs of adult orphans today and how the Foundation can help everyone individually.

5. We organized the funeral of Oleg, the boarding school graduate who was left alone, without the support of relatives or friends as he became an orphan since he was born.

6. We provided assistance with employment abroad (Poland) for two orphaned graduates of 19 years old and 37 years old.

7. We conducted a fundraising campaign with the involvement of funds live and through social networks to sell children’s work, who live in Nove Selo special boarding school, Ternopil region.

8. Seven orphanage graduates were helped with food and household items under the Helping Hands Program.

9. Organized a meeting with children in summer camps “Forest” which is in the village of Skomorohy, Buchach district (19 children from Berezhany boarding school " and at Camp " Barvinok "in the village of Manyuki, Zboriv district (6 children from the village of Nove Selo) ). Our team was able to spent time together playing games and communicating with the orphans.

10. Conducted a master class on cooking homemade burritos for 5 children with down syndrome at the Resource Center for Orphans under the project "Special".

11. Consultations were provided to 9 orphaned graduates on housing issues, registration, renewal of documents and cooperation with Ternopil Departments of Children's Services.

12. Two boarding school graduates were accommodated in the social apartment at of Caritas Charitable Foundation.

13. Consultations were provided to two Orphan Scholars on material support (one-time material payment) after graduation from the Pedagogical and Economic Universities.

14. We continued the charity drawing of gift certificates among the public under the Program of the Affordable Housing for Orphans.

15. Received support with children's eye glasses, women's shoes, clothes, cookies from philanthropists from Ternopil and Spain and distributed to needy orphan youth and their children.

16. Provided advice on "Mentoring", to support, to train candidates for orphans who live in Berezhany boarding school.

17. Helped with dental treatment two orphanage graduates.

18. The team of the organization took care of the territory of the Resource Center for Orphans in the village of Petrykiv, Ternopil district: we were cutting the grass, took care of flowers and trees.

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