Mission and Vision

Our story

In 2005, on a voluntary basis, four graduates of the Koropets state-run orphanage boarding school combined the opportunities of those who care and began to buy and provide children's things, televisions, toys, fruits to the Koropets 400 children. Over time, opportunities have expanded and…

On April 26, 2006, the Orphans Future Foundation was officially registered (certificate No. 82 dated April 28, 2006) and by the Ternopil City Executive Committee (certificate A00 No. 840546 dated April 26, 2006) as a charitable, non-profit organization (Decision of the Ternopil DPI No. 48805/7/ 15-04 dated August 7, 2006), non-governmental organization.


We provide opportunities for development and a successful life to children and youth who were brought up without parental care in institutions. We morally and materially help orphans and children deprived of parental care of the Ternopil region in adapting to independent adult life in an open society.


Every child and youth grows up in a family environment and/or has the necessary skills for an independent adult life.

Our values

Safety – we create safe conditions where every orphan can go and get help.

Welfare – we provide financial assistance to orphaned children and youth to solve life problems, housing, work.

Development – we provide children and youth from among orphans with ample opportunities for self-development and improvement through teaching them the skills of independent living.

Care and belonging – we psychologically and informationally support children and youth in resolving their issues before authorities and other institutions.

Personality – we respect and value the personality of everyone and support it.

What we do?

  • We advise graduates on registration (registration), finding and obtaining housing, obtaining state benefits, finding a job, obtaining a passport, managing a personal budget, through personal meetings, online or by phone
  • We organize practical training where we develop the skills and abilities that are necessary in the independent life of the pupils of residential institutions.
  • We create and implement social projects that provide opportunities for entrepreneurial activity. At the wish (request) of graduates.
  • We form, distribute gifts and organize master classes for pupils of residential institutions, through charity events on Easter, Christmas, Birthdays (Name Day) and others.
  • We provide food, hygiene products, and basic necessities to needy graduates by conducting fund-raising events, purchasing necessary goods, and distributing targeted charitable assistance.
  • We provide scholarships and one-time financial assistance to graduates of residential institutions, motivating them to self-development, self-realization and improvement of their financial situation.
  • We organize and conduct field volunteer camps to provide meaningful leisure and recreation for pupils and graduates of residential institutions.
  • We provide the possibility of temporary stay of orphaned children in guest families during vacations and holidays, with the aim of promoting family forms of raising children, through the organization and implementation of such events: PR campaigns, family search, family consultations, conversations with children, mutual selection of children.
  • We are developing a strategy for obtaining affordable housing for youth 23+ from the number of boarding school students by age, by attracting resources, surveying, discussing and analyzing the current material and living conditions of graduates.
  • We ensure the survival of the fund and its projects, through the search, attraction and management of charitable funds of the fund.
  • We protect the legal interests and rights of orphans before executive authorities, educational institutions, through consultations, negotiations, written appeals and requests.
  • We analyze the real state (we keep a table) of the affairs of graduates after the completion of residential institutions, with the aim of creating the necessary projects of the Fund
  • We provide free access to the Foundation's resources necessary for self-development (computer, literature, Internet, washing machine, shower room) to graduates of residential institutions through the "Resource Center" project.
  • We organize excursions around Ukraine, with the aim of expanding the outlook and horizons of children and youth from among orphans and those deprived of parental care.

Services for benefactors and volunteers
  • We advise people on issues of quality and targeted assistance to pupils and graduates of residential institutions, based on existing projects and programs of the Foundation (tel., meetings, online communications)

How all began?