11 June 2021

Kindness for prosperity

Today, we started implementing the charity event "Bag of Kindness" within the Helping Hand Program for needy orphanage graduates.

So, together with Mr. Myron Standret, the initiator of the action and volunteer of the Foundation, we purchased and delivered packages of food to twelve young families of the Ternopil region. Also we had the opportunity to visit their homes and see the living conditions of young people and their children.

The main purpose of such an action is to provide food kits and personal hygiene products to youth, an orphanage graduates who are temporarily face difficult life circumstances.

We managed to provide food kits for ten single families raising 21 children (school age) and two boarding school graduates. All these young people need support from caring people, as they do not have enough financial resources to feed themselves or their children.

The Bag of Kindness was included the most used food: a butter, eggs packed 10pcs, mayonnaise, ketchup, cookies, sugar, stew, pasta 1kg, rice 1kg, tea, buckwheat, sardines and bananas.

We express a gratitude to all the good people who helped to make a Bag of Kindness possible:

Shevchuk Andrew, Standard Natalia, Julia Nakhle, Marina Shu, Anatoliy Sivak, Myron Standard, Anastasia Dokolova, Savchuk Maria.

Special thanks to Myron Standret and Yulia Nakhle, who took the time to purchase and deliver the food kits to needy young people and families.

Friends, the total budget of the action was UAH 5,403.06. for 12 young people.

Therefore, each of you can join the Help Bag Program and give it personally to a needy boarding school graduate or an orphan mother who raises children.

What is needed for this? Your desire to do good and contact the Foundation, +380966839013, +380975530820

What will you gain by becoming a benefactor of the Promotion?

"When you take, you fill your hand, when you give, you fill your heart," is the answer.

Let's change this world together!

Together we can always do more!

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