May 5th, 2023

Real world beyond the institution

Socialization of orphanage children is one of the priorities of the team of the Orphans’ Future Foundation. Eleven teens of Berezhny Lyceum and Ternopil Orphanage spent a weekend of independence. This time, the children acquired skills in writing a resume, its content, including participation in public life, as well as job search tools. The students practiced telling about themselves in 2 minutes during the interview in the "elevator". In addition to an important lesson under the guidance of Iryna Yaremchuk, the children had the opportunity to create patriotic keychains in the Dyvotvorchyky Studio. Thank you Olia for an interesting workshop for our children.

Since the weather allowed us, together with the children, we planted 36 tomato plants in our Greenhouse. We transplanted lettuce leaves as well.

Each time at the program, the young people improve and increase their level of independence in such areas as - making a menu and a list of products for the weekend (breakfast and dinner), independently shopping in the supermarket according to the amount of funds received, preparing meals and serving the table, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes after themselves.

Most of all, children like to go on a quest around the city of Ternopil. This time, teams were given the addresses and names of institutions, government or community, and had to find them and get there on their own, using their phone's navigation or asking people. 90% of participants completed the task and received rewards.

Also, children really like to just relax at home, communicate, ask questions and get answers. We are constantly looking for people willing to answer children's questions during such meetings. Therefore, if you have something to share with teenagers: financial literacy, relationships, communication and overcoming fears of new people, increase self-esteem or simply help with life advice, contact us.

Thank to the Churchill Restaurant for treating the participants of the program "On the threshold of independent life" of delicious warm lunches, thus saving our time for more activities.

This week, we thank Jonathan and Mara Philip from the USA for the opportunity to conduct such an important program for orphanage children.

Also, thank you Ken for the pocket money for the kids to use and learn to use it wisely.

We also thank Volodymyr Yavorskyi and Andriy Nazarenko for supporting the children in such way.

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