March 6, 2023

Learning to set goals and move towards a dream

The children left feedback about their stay at Orphans Future Center last weekend:

I liked the most:

Discussion about dreams and goals

- the SMART model, how to weave a horsehair, communication with Americans was also interesting

- How I prepared breakfast, yesterday's walk

- I cooked tea, meat, spaghetti and walked around the city

- Ping pong victory over Volodymyr

- When we talked about dreams and goals, played ping pong, and walked around Ternopil

- When I made a horse from yarn, when I walked around the city and played ping pong

- How we prepared breakfast, played tennis, taught how to distinguish a Dream from a Goal. I remembered how we made horse.

- The first and most important thing for me is relaxation, complete relaxation, comfort, an increased level of happiness, the food was at the highest level, I learned more about Ternopil, I am warm + full + clean = happy, we were given a master class on making a horse

- Training with Andrii, how to distinguish a dream from a goal. how they made yarn horse and it was memorable how the Americans helped to make potato pancakes.

Over the course of two days, 11 high school students of Berezhny Lyceum and Ternopil Building learned to develop skills in forming dreams and goals, desires and opportunities, setting priorities, analyzing available resources and resources needed to achieve goals. We came to the conclusion that in order to achieve goals and dreams, it is necessary to regularly train the skills of visualizing a dream and acting. They learned to use the SMART method in goal formation. And the order: DREAM - Goals - Tasks - Plans (Resources).

In addition, students made a horse from yarn. Olena Mudra conducted such an interesting workshop for them.

As always, the children had the opportunity to make their own menus, budgets and prepare breakfasts and dinners for themselves. And for lunch this time, the children were treated by “friendly restaurant Mamont" and "Churchill" restaurant.

We sincerely thank the caring people who contribute to the implementation of the annual program "On the threshold of independent life" through coaching, food, payment for fuel and food products, stationery, utility services and transfer of participants.

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