December 5th, 2022

Life Skills for orphans on finance management

"Intimately about finances" by Oleksandr Sokhatskyi - Financial advisor, children learned to rationally manage their finances in the game "Life capital". During the game, children plunged into the realities of life in finance and professions. They began to understand about loans, deposits, partnership, investment, 10% as a "safety cushion" from earnings and savings. Even in a difficult moment, you can find a way out if you earn, distribute and spend. And this should be learned from childhood.

A master class on coloring ginger cookies by @Мария Левенец in the culinary studio gave the children new New Year's emotions and impressions. The children decided to share their cookies with benefactors and the needy during the distribution of hot lunches in the Yellow Apron project (Standret Natalya, Serhiy Kichula) About 160 sets of hot lunches were distributed to the needy in the city of Ternopil. For the children, it became a life experience "Sharing good and giving back".

All this was learned by the participants of the annual program "On the threshold of independent life" on December 2-4, during a three-day visit to the foundation facility in Ternopil.

By the way, the generator received from benefactors saved our Program a lot last week. After all, on Saturday, the electricity was turned off twice for 4 hours, while the children prepared dinner and went to school. Thank you Carlene Ebneter Lois, Lisa Saviano, Jeffrey N Saviano for important and necessary.

We express our special thanks to the permanent partners of our foundation, who always respond to requests to join. This time, the children had a delicious lunch at the KHUTIR Restaurant and the Mamont.

And to prepare breakfast and dinner, the teenagers made a menu and a list of products on their own, and then made the necessary purchases in a local supermarket for real money.

On behalf of the pupils of the Berezhny Lyceum and the team of the Orphans’ Future Foundation, we sincerely thank everyone who joins the Programs every week, for the sake of a better present and future of children deprived of parental care.

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