05 March 2021

Orphan students received certificates for the Scholarship named after Eugene Glyva

Today fifteen orphan students (ages 16-21) from seven educational institutions of the Ternopil region received certificates for The Hlywa Scholarship 2021 at Orphans Future Resource Center.

Those fifteen young people were chosen among 25 applications during the February Scholarship Competition.

We hope that such financial support will continue to motivate our youth (deprived of parents care) to grow and become better and better in their lives.

After the official ceremony, together with the team of Orphans Future Foundation the students had a great Burger Lunch at local Mamont Cafe where we shared personal life stories to get better understanding of each other.

We are thankful to Ternopil TV channel UA Suspilne for covering the event to the community.

So, if you are interested in sponsoring an orphan student from Ternopil area in Ukraine, please do not hesitate to do it and to change one life of one orphan now.

We thank the Eugene Hlywa Fund (Australia) for supporting orphan youth.

The cost of this Program was $ 4587 USD. Transportation costs: $95 USD.

Here are the impressions shared by the Program participant: «Hello, I really want to thank you for such help. You helped me a lot, gave me more opportunities in everything. I thank God that there are people like you. Thank you very much once again to your foundation», 17-year-old orphan student Olya.

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