12 January 2022

Giving a Family Atmosphere on Holidays, instead of an orphanage

During New Year and Christmas holidays in Ukraine, ten orphans, the pupils of Ternopil orphanage and Berezhany lyceum, spent an unforgettable time in the family circle of caring people who took part in the Foundation's Program “Host a Child in Family for Holidays”

This opportunity was given to the children by six families from the Ternopil region that was not afraid to open their homes for children growing up without parents.

Being in a family environment, the children felt real attention and care. They saw with our own eyes how the New Year and Christmas are celebrated in the family. What are the traditions of celebration and what is the atmosphere in the families? What are the roles of "dad", "mom", "grandma", "grandpa", "children" and other in the family?

It was a great pleasure for both families and children to discover new experiences and new skills.

Our children together with their host families were preparing traditional dishes for the New Year and Christmas. Children were asking many questions "why", "for what", "is it tasty". The children happily sang carols, played various games, had fun, talked a lot about themselves and their dreams. They watched TV and slept for as long as they wished as it is not possible to do it in boarding school, because of the regime. The children were creating their own menu of delicacies. They experienced living childhood in the family environment like any other biological children and felt happy during the holidays.

"The girl was very open, she immediately got in touch, helped to make dumplings, played with my children," says mother Oksana.

"I met year 2022 with four children from orphanage. For me it was an extremely unforgettable time, on New Year's Eve. The children organized disco and played games. They really brought me back to my childhood. Children are educated, smart and cheerful. It was five days of unforgettable time. Love and attention, what they need most, said mother Anna.

"We took one girl this year, we wanted two but there was only one of the sisters. We had a child for 13 days. We changed and changed her views on her attitude towards herself, her brother and sister. I have a deep hope that the Foundation will help us continue to communicate with these kids, taking home on weekends and holidays, "said Oleg and Svitlana's family.

And here are impressions of children who spent days in host families:

"I really liked it. Will you invite me to visit your family again?" - Zoryanka.

"We have never been so good as these days in your house, so good and cozy with you, you are so good, we will not forget it" - Tanya, Vitalik, Valentin, Victor

"We would not like to return to the boarding school, I want to be here with you", - Stepan, Bogdan

Unfortunately, not all children spent holidays with host families for the New Year and Christmas and were forced to stay alone in boarding schools, expecting that they were about to go somewhere as well. The children called and asked us about it every day. And it was very sad and we only could inspire everyone that will do other activities for them.

The team of the Orphans Future Foundation expresses its GREAT thanks to all six families, three of whom participated in the Program for the first time, for opened their hearts to good deeds by inviting orphans to spent time in family environment. Such families are:

Anna and Vitaliy (Baykivtsi village, Ternopil district)

Oksana (Ternopil)

Igor and Ivanna (Berezovytsia village, Ternopil district)

Oksana and Roman (Darakhiv village, Ternopil district)

Svitlana and Oleg (Romanivka village, Ternopil district)

Volodymyr and Zoryana (Bazarintsi village, Ternopil district)

We thank the Department of SERVICE FOR CHILDREN OF THE TERNOPIL REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTRATION who did their best to get the children into the family for holidays and winter vacation.

We thank the boarding schools that actively contributed to the implementation of the Program in the best interests of children.

We thank the Ternopil media, “Gromadske TV”, “Ternopil1” “INTB” “TV-4” TV channel for spreading the Program in order to attract interested families to the Program. Thank you to all the people who shared stories about the Program on social media.

Together we can really do more, as every child needs a loving family.

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