20 January 2020

"Host a Child from an orphanage in the family"

When winter holidays are over, we have great news for you to share. Fourteen children of Berezhany, Nove Selo, Grymailliv orphan boarding schools and Ternopil Orphanage spent New Year and Christmas holidays with nine families from Ternopil Region.

Each child could feel the spirit of Christmas, family warmth and get acquainted with the traditions of celebrating the New Year, learn new carols, have fun among caring people, and the main thing is that they were able to immerse in the atmosphere of family comfort, which such children lack so much.

For our Foundation, such social and charitable program as "Invite a child for holidays with your family" is a great joy, because the children from residential institutions learn something new, see how life in the family is arranged with their own eyes, what the relationships between parents and children are, how life is arranged and how each child is paid attention, no matter what. Unfortunately, such children stay in boarding schools 24/7 and are unable to see the "flow of life" outside the institution, which adversely affects the development of children.

We continue to get inspired by those families who were not afraid to participate in the Program and opened their hearts to warm the lonely hearts of children who hope and believe in miracles.

Our special thanks goes to the 9 families of Ternopil Region who invited children: Badlyuk Anna and Volodymyr (Chortkiv); Paradovska Lilia and Yuri (Telyavka village, Shumsky district); Nadiya and Yuri Laguza (Chernihivtsi village, Zbarazh district); Oksana Badlo (Ternopil); Vasylyk Roman and Yulia (Kopychyntsi); Halyna Syrvytnyk (Budanov village, Terebovlya district); Lysak Nadiia and Bohdan (Ternopil); Malysheva Svitlana (Shempaky village, Pidvolochysky district); Yarmosyuk Halyna and Vasyl (Lanivtsi).

Finally, let us share the impressions of the children who were in the families:

"Celebration of the New Year and other holidays was the most memorable for me," Christina said.

"I enjoyed playing with other children of the family. We walked around the city together, went to cafes, took pictures," Ilona said.

"I really liked being with the family when we were sledding. I was wondering how they celebrate Christmas in the family," Vasyl said.

"Cars, sledding, a holiday dinner in a circle of a friendly guest family, games on laptops", Stepan said.

We would like to thank the Department of Education of Ternopil Regional State Administration and Office of Children’s Services of Ternopil region, educational institutions of Berezhany, Novosilka, Grymailiv orphan boarding schools and Ternopil Orphanage for your assistance in the implementation of such a charitable program for the benefit of children.

Special thanks to Global Fund for Children (USA) and local TV channels: T1, UATernopil, INTB, TV4 for information support of the Program.

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