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Orphan's Visit to Saint Nicholas
22 December 2013
Orphans' Future conducted a charity program "Orphans' Visit to Saint Nicholas", from 13th to 17th December 2013. (The official St Nicholas' Day in Ukraine is actually Dec. 19th). ... Read more...

Winter Boots For Orphans
20 December 2013
From the 1st November to 19th December 2013, Orphans' Future conducted a project called "Winter Boots for Orphans". During this period 90 orphans from children's homes in Grimailiv, Strusiv, Nova Sel ... Read more...

Charity activity in November
30 November 2013
Combatting Homelessness. 6-7 November 2013, - a graduate of the orphanage, and now the volunteer of the Orphans Future Foundation, Olexiy Sisterov (28), took part in national conference "Socia ... Read more...

International Exchange of Charity Work Experiences at Kharkiv
16 November 2013
The Global Fund for Children organized a conference with 12 representatives of various charities from Moldova, Ukraine and Russia from the 12th-15th November at Kharkiv, Ukraine. ... Read more...

October News
30 October 2013
During October 2013 Orphans Future organized the following events and actions: ... Read more...

Summer Camp 2013
27 August 2013
From July, 20th to August 20, 2013 over a hundred kids aged 6 to 17 years old from the Ternopil regional orphanages enjoyed a variety of recreational activities and received training in life skills as ... Read more...

Journey to London 2013
27 June 2013
From June 19 through June 24, 2013, the Executive Director of Orphans Future, Andriy Nazarenko, visited London, Great Britain, where he took part in the celebration of the Ivana Kupala Event 2013. T ... Read more...

Roundtable Social Integration of Graduates from Orphanages
20 June 2013
On June 18, 2013, this Social Integration roundtable was held for representatives from regional centers of social services at the Ternopil Regional Center for retraining of public authorities. The so ... Read more...

01 June 2013
The time to start their independent life has come for 13 orphans, school leavers with the traditional 'last school bell' day celebrated at grade 11 in orphanages of Ternopil Oblast smt.Koropets, m.Ber ... Read more...

Camp for Orphan Graduates from the Kyiv Region "Forest Adventure"
27 May 2013
Three Orphans Future leaders from the Ternopil Region: Irina Vakaliuk, Volodimir Yavorsky and Andriy Perig - former orphanage students took part in the camp "Sure Start: Together to Success". The cam ... Read more...

Camp for future orphanage graduates "On the threshold of adult life"
20 May 2013
From May 17 to 19, 201 3 in a picturesque part of Chervona Kalyna recreation area: 50 teens, future graduates from Berezhany, Koropets and Ternopil orphanages supervised by 16 volunteers from Orphans ... Read more...

Easter Joy for Orphans 2013
10 May 2013
First of all, to our dear friends of Orphans Future and on behalf of all our orphans, accept our sincere congratulations on the great feast of Easter! ... Read more...

Charity Auction "Give Joy to a Child"
20 April 2013
The following students of Ternopil State Medical University, Gorbachevskogo: Nazar Stelmach, Gnat Salomiya, Christine Sivak and Lazar Tatiana organized and conducted a charity auction "Give Joy to a C ... Read more...

"Charitable Ukraine" awarded the best charities
14 March 2013
On March 14, 2013, in the Ukrainian House, in the city of Kiev the awarding ceremony of winners of competition "Charitable Ukraine 2012" was held. Competition launched by 'Association of Benefactors o ... Read more...

Virtual classroom Project for children in Ukraine orphanages
10 March 2013
We all realize that the world is moving forward with new technologies and modern approaches to education. ... Read more...

Press Conference "On the threshold of adult independent living"
18 January 2013
Orphans Future Foundation and youth organization "Brotherhood of Orphans" presented a training program "On the threshold of adult independent living" to local community through the local media. It is ... Read more...

January news
31 January 2013
Orphan children got back to their schools after the Christmas and New Year holidays. ... Read more...

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