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National Benefactor 2011
25 December 2011
On December 15, 2011, Ukraine awarded winners of the national contest Benefactor of the Year 2011 at the Kyiv Art Institute. This was the fifth consecutive year for the contest. This year, independe ... Read more...

St. Nickolas travels throughout Ukraine 2011
20 December 2011
Goal: to bring happiness and real meaning of Christian holidays to the children living in state-run orphanages of the Ternopil region. ... Read more...

October 2011 Events
11 November 2011
From October 1st-8th 2011, Orphans Future Chairman Andriy Nazarenko had a working visit to the town of Ahterveld in the Netherlands, as well as stops in Brussels, Belgium. The trip was supported by t ... Read more...

Orphan Student Excursion
18 September, 2011
On September 18, 2011 41 orphan students ages from 16 till 23 from Ternopil regional educational institutions visited the city of Lviv and its cultural and historical sites. Thanks to Director of Bu ... Read more...

Summer Camp "Footpath"
27th July, 2011
From July 4th through July 15th 2011, five volunteers from the Ukrainian charitable foundation "Orphans' Future" had a 10-day summer camp called "Footpath" for 50 children from Ukrainian state-run or ... Read more...

Shoes for 52 Orphans at Berezhany School
08th June, 2011
In recognition of International Children's Day (June 1st 2011) Ternopils Orphans Future Foundation, together with its partners and volunteers, purchased 52 pairs of sport shoes (worth $657 US Dollars ... Read more...

Support Ukrainian Orphans Leaving Orphanages at Ages 16-17
05th June, 2011
On June 15, 2011 eight pupils of the Koropets orphanage and ten pupils of the Berezhany orphanage will leave their schools walls, which were a home for them for the last 9 to 11 years. ... Read more...

The Orphan Graduate Resource Center is now open in the Ternopil region.
01th May, 2011
On May 1, 2011 the Information - Resource Center was opened for orphan students and youth of the Ternopil region of Ukraine. ... Read more...

Easter happiness for orphans
13 - 24 May, 2011
On April 24th, 2011 the Orphans Future held the charity action "Easter happiness for orphans" ... Read more...

Project "Book About Me"
23 March, 2011
On March 23 2011, Orphan's Future volunteers Vasily Hrynkiv, Nadya Dovgalyuk, Ternopil Regional Correspondent Antonina Bryk of the newspaper "Freedom" along with Orphan's Future Executive Director And ... Read more...

The Computer Lab Project
05 February, 2011
On February 5th, 2011 the children of the Berezhany orphanage received five new personal computers and a laser printer for their computer lab. The Berezhany computer lab is the second computer lab pr ... Read more...

A trip to USA
05 January, 2011
On a trip to the U.S. in January 2011 - Chairman of the Orphans' Future, Andriy Nazarenko met with partners and friends of the Fund, who have been actively supported its activity for several years: ... Read more...

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