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St. Nickolas travels throughout Ukraine 2010
29 November, 2010
Goal: to bring happiness and real meaning of Christian holidays to the children living in state-run orphanages of the Ternopil region. ... Read more...

Kind people continue to support the Project "Gymnasiums for orphans"
11 November, 2010
The Charity Auction themed "Pay to meet a person" has been organized among youth participating in an online social network and has took place in the city of Ternopil on November . This Charity Auction ... Read more...

Supporting orphan graduates
01 November, 2010
On November 1st, 2010 volunteers of the Orphans Future Foundation delivered eight household and kitchen sets to young orphans at the Ternopil regional social dormitory for orphans. ... Read more...

Excursion to Lviv City
24 October, 2010
October 24, 2010, The Orphans' Future Foundation organized and together with the L'viv friend Taras Yatsenko (director of charity fund "Bethany") conducted an educational excursion to L'viv for 35 or ... Read more...

Social project "Book about me"
08 September, 2010
The Orphans Future Foundation has supported initiative of the "Every Child" organization and has began implementing a social project "Book about Me" in the Ternopil region. ... Read more...

Project "Gymnasiums for orphans" successfully completed
07 September, 2010
On September 7, 2010 the project "Gymnasiums for orphans" was successfully completed. This gift was delivered to children of Ternopil orphanage (Bandery Street) and Berezhany specialized orphanage. ... Read more...

What changes are needed on children's rights protection law in Ukraine
July 22-23, 2010
July 22-23, 2010 - Mr. Andriy Nazarenko participated in open space event "What changes are needed on children's rights protection law in Ukraine" ... Read more...

The Graduate 2010
1 June 2010
The Graduate Program has began. In June 2010, twelve orphan graduates of Grade 11 and ten orphans of Grade 9 from the Koropets and Berezhany Orphana ... Read more...

Australia Visit
04-24 February 2010
Andriy Nazarenko, the Director of Orphans Future Foundation gave a presentation of the Foundations' work with orphan children and youth in Ternopil region to supporters and friends in the cities of Pe ... Read more...

Gymnastic hall for orphans
The Orphans' Future Foundation together with staff of the Berezhany orphanage began realization of social Project on creation of gymnastic hall for the pupils of the orphanage. ... Read more...

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