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Children's birthdays in September - October 2022
31 October 2022
Three of our children, who were born in October, received congratulations and dreamed gifts from caring friends of the foundation: LiLiia Shashurina Alyona Maslyuk Tetyana Hachok. Thank you Maryna Hum ... Read more...

Socialization of orphans of state-care institutions
30 October 2022
Pupils of the Berezhany boarding school returned to their school, and the memories remained in these photos. The three-day visit was full of interesting events prepared by volunteers and trainers of t ... Read more...

Support for orphans from orphanages
29 October 2022
These days we visited the orphans from Pavlograd, who are temporarily living in the city of Kremenets, for whom we collected the help that the children asked for four days ago, when we visited them fo ... Read more...

Generators to family-type homes of the Ternopil region
25 October 2022
During October, together with you, we have collected aid to purchase generators for 13 family-type homes in which about 105 orphans of the Ternopil region are being raised. The cost of the project was ... Read more...

The Yevhen Hlyva Foundation supports those in need during the martial law in Ukraine
12 September 2022
Because of the war in Ukraine, caused by the full-scale invasion of the russian federation in Ukraine, the Yevhen Hlyva Foundation allocated and provided financial assistance to young people, orphanag ... Read more...

Birthday congratulations to our summer kids
31 August 2022
In such difficult times, we sincerely thank our supporters for their help with congratulating the orphanage children on their birthdays. ... Read more...

Summer Camp for Orphans 2022 (rehabilitation and psychological support during the wartime)
27 July 2022
During July month, 41 orphan children from care institutions of the Ternopil region, had the opportunity to gain strength and improve their health for 21 days in a picturesque area of the Ternopil reg ... Read more...

Support of entrepreneurs - beginners
02 July 2022
Thanks to donations of $2000 from Myroslava Shepelyavets from the USA, two graduates of care institutions received equipment for the development of their business, which they started in 2022 and are t ... Read more...

128 children from 15 family-type orphanages received goods for sports, tourism and recreation
01 July 2022
128 children, from 15 family-type orphanages of Ternopil region (including family refugees), received goods for sports, tourism and recreation. ... Read more...

Summer for orphans: adaptation and socialization
27 June 2022
During four days, eight orphanage teens of the Berezhany state-run institution, aged 13-17, once again tried themselves in the role of independent adults. The children learned to organize their leisur ... Read more...

Adaptation of orphanage teens to open society
13 June 2022
Four girls and three boys aged 14-17 from Bereezhany orphanage lyceum-boarding school spent the weekend at our house of Orphans Future Charitable Foundation. ... Read more...

Our Greenhouse project is growing
04 June 2022
Salad leaves have been sown on April 14th, 2022, 140 saplings have been planted on May 5th, and 160 tomato saplings have been planted on May 13th, 2022, ... Read more...

International Child Protection Day
02 June 2022
48 children of state care institutions of Ternopil region felt special attention and care from volunteers of the Orphans Future Foundation during June 1st - 2nd! ... Read more...

We volunteer for orphanage children
05 May 2022
We visit and support children who have stay in state-run orphanage boarding schools of Ternopil region 24/7 and orpganise quality leisure time with them - this task remains ours in this difficult time ... Read more...

Helping our children and families during the war
01 May 2022
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, many orphans and families who are taking care of orphans have felt the need for food, hygiene and computers. ... Read more...

Birthday to orphanage children
30 April 2022
Despite the difficult time in Ukraine, children who live in state-run orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region 24/7 remain without the opportunity to experience joy of their Birthday. ... Read more...

Easter master classes for orphanage children of Ternopil
23 April 2022
At such a difficult time for all of us, the representatives and volunteers of the Orphans Future Foundation, found time and opportunity to hold traditional Easter workshops for forty orphanage childre ... Read more...

Affordable housing for orphanage graduates
22 February 2022
Winter is the hardest period for orphanage graduates who work hard to simply cover a rent of housing and to pay utilities. They have to survive living independent life, without any support from relati ... Read more...

New Year and Christmas fun for children
14 January 2022
Children are very fond of winter, and especially - winter vacation, which lasts almost two weeks. You can take a break from school days, sleep longer or lie in bed, go beyond the state boarding school ... Read more...

Giving a Family Atmosphere on Holidays, instead of an orphanage
12 January 2022
During New Year and Christmas holidays in Ukraine, ten orphans, the pupils of Ternopil orphanage and Berezhany lyceum, spent an unforgettable time in the family circle of caring people who took part i ... Read more...

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