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Summer for orphans: adaptation and socialization

During four days, eight orphanage teens of the Berezhany state-run institution, aged 13-17, once again tried themselves in the role of independent adults. The children learned to organize their leisure time, make plans for their activities for a few days, plan a food budget and make groceries. Volunteers and supporters did everything so that the children could relax and feel like at home.

During June 23-26, the children:

- were able to prepare breakfasts and dinners, cleaned and washed dishes after themselves.

- learned about and got acquainted with the work of the Ternopil Center for Administrative Services (Ostrozkoho Street)

- took care of vegetables and harvested in Our Greenhouse, even got on the local TV-4 channel.

- received knowledge about writing a resume and passing an interview, as well as about dress styles for different moments of life. (volunteers Martha and Nadia)

- prepared dessert "Broken Glass" under the guidance of volunteer Nadia Guta

- watched and discussed the documentary "Ukraniar"

- were picking and tasting local cherries and strawberries.

- played board games "UNO", "Be Ukranian", "Tower", "Dobble".

- played volleyball in the fresh air and sunbathed.

- walked in the city and parks of Ternopil, got to see different kind of dinosaurs at Dinopark, visited the central market and the bus station. For the first time tried to ride an electric scooter. During the lunch break, the children enjoyed pizza at "Good Pizza" and barbecue in the cafe "Mammont"

On Saturday night, together with children, we organized a picnic and prepared burgers on the fire with cola. It was part of one of the children's birthday greetings.

And most important thing of such events was free communication about independent living: its difficulties and advantages. Orphanage graduates Vlad (20 years old) and Pavlo (21 years old) shared their independent life experience with the children.

Accommodation and recreation for children was organized on the basis of the Future of Orphans Foundation in the picturesque village of Petrykiv. Given the complexity of state funding for summer vacations for children deprived of parental care, and through cooperation with boarding schools, philanthropists of the Future of Orphans Foundation cover all costs for the organization of field camps, such as transportation, food, leisure, materials for master classes.

We truly thank for such opportunities to our Volunteers: Nadiya Guta, Khrystyna Tryhub, Marta, Volodymyr Yavorsky

And supporters: Hope Church of Dubuque and to Wisconsin Ukrainians (Jonathan Pylypiv) for transportation.

: 27 June 2022

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