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Affordable housing for orphanage graduates

Winter is the hardest period for orphanage graduates who work hard to simply cover a rent of housing and to pay utilities. They have to survive living independent life, without any support from relatives. Those relatives replace the team of Orphans Future Foundation.

When the cold weather comes, dozens of former orphanage graduates are asking us to help little bit with the payment of utilities. In such difficult moments we cannot stand aside as we understand that there is no one who will help such adult orphans.

In Ukraine adult orphans ages 23 and up rent housing and trying to live independently are facing with constant fear for their future and are unable to cover their basic needs as housing, food, clothing or household items. Orphans Future Foundation team plays important role to help to solve those many problems.

But, thanks to the Affordable Housing Program for orphanage graduates, ten orphan youth received constant financial support and the opportunity to live in warm homes without fear of being "evicted tomorrow".

You can help young people, the orphanage graduates to pay for utilities during the heating season. Contact our Foundation to become the "saviors" for orphans who are in need so much.

This Affordable Orphan Housing Program has been made possible by the Eugene Hlywa Fund (Australia) and has been implemented by our Foundation since 2020. During this time, we already helped 18 orphan youth to live not in the streets but in warm homes.

We help to cover approximately $90 per month per each needy orphanage graduate.

Together we can always do more.

Donate to the Affordable Housing Program for orphanage graduates and see the differences you can make in their lives.

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: 22 February 2022

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