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St. Nicholas greeted 146 children of Ternopil area

For St. Nicholas Day volunteers drove 725 km.(450miles) of the Ternopil region to greet and give presents to 146 children. 80 of them are orphans and children deprived of parental care, children with disabilities who grow up in nine foster homes of the Ternopil region.

25 children, whose families are in difficult life circumstances and whose mothers are beneficiaries of the Helping Hands Program. They are former pupils of state run orphanage boarding schools;

30 children of Berezhany lyceum-boarding school;

11 children of the Ternopil orphanage for school-age children.

Thanks to caring people who donated money or brought the necessary gifts to our Residence of St. Nicholas, no child was left without the attention of St. Nicholas who brought them a smile and joy these days.

Gifts in the form of necessary household items were given to every foster home:

- 3 brand new powerful vacuum cleaners;

- 1 microwave oven

- 1 kitchen mixer;

- 1 large dining table

- 1 brand new large set of drawers;

- 1 used laptop.

In addition, each family received natural honey, washing powders, modern educational board games for children, children's books, a soccer ball, a volleyball and a basketball.

Children from Brzezany Lyceum-Boarding School received:

- two laser printers

- a volleyball net.

The children from the Ternopil orphanage received two sleds with a steering wheel.

Also, one family with two children received a new sled. Another family with 3 children received a new microwave and warm blankets.

We distributed many gifts for needy children which were collected for a whole month from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

Each child received an individual gift from Nicholas, which included: chocolate, kiwi, orange, bananas, tangerines; stationery; journals for writing and personal hygiene products.

An event was organized for the children who visited the Residence of St. Nicholas on December 19, after which the children enjoyed pizza, which was gladly provided by the local restaurant "Fire and Knife".

The team and children of Orphans Future Foundation express their sincere THANKS and PRAISE to all the people who made the celebration possible. Thank you for believing in miracles and sharing your warmth with children in need.

Together we really could do more!

Mashko AI, Halyna (anonymously), Alina (Lviv), 8 anonymous philanthropists, Grigorash Tetyana, Shvets Oleg, Laba Nazariy, Brigadier Vaselyna, Gulevata Iryna, Cherednichok Ivan, Shpak Volodymyr, Tyshko Nadiya, Lukachyk Oksana, Matula Maria, Senik Anastasia (USA), Oksana Kokailo (Ireland), Dudar Nadiya, Zolotushka Vyacheslav, Vitaliy Krainyk, Timosh Iryna, Oleksandr Dykun (Kyiv), Natalia (anonymously), Oleg Khomych, Perun Viktor, Vasyl Hrynkiv, Oksana (anonymously), Iryna (anonymous), St. Nicholas from the USA (anonymous), Dvorskaya Tatiana, Alexander and his wife (Spain), Kateryna Melykh and Dmytro Parkhomenko (Germany), Natalia Berezovska (Ternopil), Students and teachers of Ternopil Pedagogical University (Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Social Initiatives and Volunteering), Halyna Oliynyk, Maryana (anonymously), Olga (anonymously), Inna Tkachenko (Ternopil), Khrystyna Trygub and her friends (Ternopil), Ms. Oksana store "Kants Klass" (Ternopil), Ms. Vira (Za Dynamo store), Makar Glyva, Vavryk Roman, Andriy Ya Kivchuk, Bekin Oleksandr, Oliynyk Volodymyr, Tanchuk Roman, Martyniuk Oksana, Kozak Natalia, Martine (Holland), Olya Chesnovych with friends, Yablonska Iryna, Polova Natalia (Berezovytsia), Mr. Roman (Bazaar Ternopil), Mariyto (Pro store) ), Ulchak Valeriy, Tetyana (Ternopil), Agroinvest-Logistics and Ail-Trading (Ternopil), Wise Solutions, Forte Group, Olesya Pereskotska, Fire and Knife Restaurant (director Artem).

: 19 December 2021

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