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Birthday greetings of July, August and September orphans

"Dreams come true if you believe in them strongly, although I didnt think that my little dream would really be realized without good people", - shares Mykhaylo.

A team of incredible people fulfilled the dreams of the thirteen boys and girls who had their birthdays in July, August and September. They all gave the most important thing - their time, their attention, their acceptance and their good heart.

Every child who is brought up and lives in a boarding school orphanage is looking forward to his or her birthday. They know that there are good-hearted people who will congratulate them on the holiday, instead of relatives.

So, it has become a bright tradition for us to visit children's institutions of Ternopil region every month, to congratulate children with their birthdays and spend time with birthday children, to listen to them and get to know them better, to learn about problems and successes of each child.

In fact, every child was so sincere and open and didnt hide their emotions from the joy of attention and birthday gifts. And for us adults, it is always interesting to watch this process of "unpacking gifts" and enjoying the gifts. In such moments, children are truly happy and this happiness in the eyes of children is priceless for us.

We thank the magicians who helped make the dreams of the thirteen orphans from state run institutions of the Ternopil area come true. Thank you for sharing your kindness with orphans! May your goodness return to you a hundredfold

Mariana Dudyk (village of Velyki Gai)

Makar (Ternopil)

Olia Dmytryk (England)

Lilia Shashurina (Ternopil)

Tetyana Hachok (Lanivtsi)

Alexander Dykun (Kyiv)

Iryna Mandryk (Ternopil)

Oksana (Ternopil)

We invite everyone to join the Birthday Program of Orphans Future Foundation and make the world of children a little happier! Let's congratulate each child and give them a real feeling of Birthday celebration.

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: 30 September 2021

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