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Magic Carpathians for Orphanage Children

Twenty two children from Berezhany and Ternopil state run institutions will remember an unforgettable trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians, thanks to the indifferent 30 kind people. From September 17th to 19th, the children's big dream came true - to conquer the Carpathian Mountains in Western part of Ukraine: Mount Hamster (1542m) and Mount Bukovel (920m).

Frozen, wet, tired, but thirsty for victory over themselves, the children confidently overcame the tops of the mountains. But the most interesting was the lunch on the meadow, which each child managed to carry through all the obstacles while climbing to the top of the mountain. The lunch would not have tasted like here if the children eat it before.

In addition to the mountains, the children were fascinated:

- Yablunytsya pass;

- Trufanetsky waterfall;

- Breakthrough waterfall in Yaremche;

- Cable car at the ski resort "Bukovel";

- Real mineral water in the village of "Kvasy";

- The nature of the Carpathian region;

In addition, children had the opportunity to relax and enjoy the food of the local region, in the hotel "TOGA", which is located in the village of Yablunytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Here are Children's impressions from the trip:

"I fell three times during the descent from Mount Hamster, I will not forget about it, because it was cool," Sofia

"I want to stay here and live in this area, it's very quiet here," Mikhail G.

"When we go to the Carpathians again, because you can fool around here, and you won't get anything for it," Oleksiy

"Wow, what really are bubbles in water? And also for free? Can I have a lot of such water? ", Vitalik

"The scenery while riding the cable car was incredible, very beautiful, thank you for such trip," Christyna

"Thank you for organizing an unforgettable weekend in the Carpathians, I want more," Mykhailo S.

The total budget of the 3-day trip for 22 orphans was UAH 49,740 hryvnyas ( $1,850 USD) This included: a bus transportation of children from Ternopil and Berezhany to the Carpathians and back, accommodation (2 nights), food, guide services and insurance.

We all together with our children, thank EVERY person who responded and made a donation to the Foundation for a tour for children "Magic Carpathians", namely:

Eugene Hlywa Foundation (Australia_Ukraine) UAH 23,723.

Khrystyna Trygub and her friends (Ternopil) - UAH 3,600.

Glovak Serhiy Ivanovych - UAH 3,000.

Marina and Oleg from the Children's Needs Foundation (Kyiv) - UAH 2,880.

Anastasia Senik (USA-Ternopil) - UAH 2,662.

Oleksandr Dykun (Kyiv) - UAH 2,000.

Olya Dmytryk (England) - UAH 2,000.

Kichula Serhiy (Ternopil) - UAH 1,000.

Myron Standret (Ternopil) - UAH 1,000.

Maxim and Ilona Trikoz (Ternopil) - UAH 1,000.

Olga Shahin (Ternopil) - UAH 800.

Nayda O.B. UAH 700.

Kytynska Lyubov Ivanivna - UAH 500.

Bodnarchuk Oksana Mykhailivna - UAH 500.

Meleshko Vladimir Bogdanovich - UAH 500.

Fiery Yuriy Vasyliovych - UAH 500.

Shpak Volodymyr Bohdanovych (Ternopil) - UAH 500.

Anatoliy Sivak (Ternopil) - UAH 300.

Rudy Roman Ivanovych (Ternopil) - UAH 300.

Chumachenko Pavlo Olegovich - UAH 300.

Nazarenko Andriy (Ternopil) - UAH 200.

Sarabun Nazar - UAH 200.

Kukharska Natalia Oleksandrivna - UAH 200.

Babyak Ruslan Adamovich (Ternopil) - UAH 200.

Korolevych Olga Anatoliivna - UAH 200.

Stets Andriy Volodymyrovych - UAH 200.

Anonymous philanthropist - UAH 200.

Serhiy Delimarsky - UAH 200.

Beregova Valentina Mykhailivna - UAH 150.

Tavanets Svitlana Petrovna (Ternopil) - UAH 125.

Protsyshyn Volodymyr Vasyliovych - UAH 100.

We also thank the tour operator "Wiki-Tour" (Ternopil) Oleg Derekh for a rich and informative program of the tour!

We thank the adult friends of the children - Iryna Abramets and Volodymyr Yavorskyy for the support and safety of each child!

Join our team to help to change for the better the lives of orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ternopil region, Ukraine

Together - we can do more!

Friends, children's emotions from the trip, look at the photo and more photos on our Facebook page.

: 20 September 2021

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