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Supported orphanage graduates 2021

This day has come! An intriguing moment and at the same time joyful for fifteen graduates of orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region, because they received such necessary household items for starting an independent adult life, which is about to begin on September 1st.

On August 27th, fifteen graduates of state-run orphanages of the Ternopil region met with philanthropists and the Foundation's team at the Resource Center which runs by Orphans Future Foundation. A pleasant surprise awaited the children, a delicious pizza from the local pizzeria Skorini and juice.

On this day, we conducted a financial quest "Guess the price of given goods". The children coped with the tasks, although they experienced small difficulties, they did not orient themselves in the prices. But with the help of peers, they performed this task with a bang.

Also, the young people learned about services at the Resource Center Orphans Future and what assistance the Foundation provides to the children and youth left without parental care.

From June 15 to August 20, the Foundation's team, through various efforts, raised funds and goods to help each graduate collect a suitcase with the necessary household items and thus feel the attention and support that is so needed after leaving the orphanage boarding school.

So, the cost of the Support Suitcase for Orphanage graduates 2021 per child was - 4,370 UAH. ($160 USD)

This year, the Support Suitcase for Orphanage Graduates 2021 included the following items: a travel suitcase, a large bath towel, a small towel for the face), bed linen, plates (3 pcs.), Forks (3 pcs.), A mug, knives (2 pcs.), Pots (2 pcs.) , electric kettle, frying pan with lid, ladle, colander, kitchen board, potato grinder, grater, wooden spatula, food storage containers (2pcs), blanket, pillow.

Thank you, on behalf of the team of the foundation and graduates of 2021 of Ternopil region, to all benefactors and partners for their help and a confident start to an independent adult life.

Kermit Traska (USA), Khrystyna Trygub and her friends (Ternopil), Ludmila Gushpit (Koropets-Italy), Marina and Oleg Children's Needs Organization (Kyiv-USA), Tatiana Gavron (Ternopil), Smirnova Oleksandra (Kyiv), Agroinvest-Logistics company (Ternopil), Larissa Figol (Portugal), lexander Dykun (Kiev), Ilona and Maxim Trikoz (Ternopil), Shpak Volodymyr (Ternopil), Naida O.B., Melykh Olga (Germany-Ternopil), Kush Vasil (Berezhany), Lipyanina-Goncharenko Khrystyna (Ternopil), Zhurba Mykola (Ternopil), Koshylovska Tetyana (Ternopil), Borisova Tetyana (Ternopil), Polygach Iryna (Ternopil), Bykovy Pavlo (Ternopil), Malinyak Bogdan (Ternopil), Vasily Derevinsky, Refberg Nazar (Ternopil), Heitzmann Valentina, Novosad Sergiy (Ternopil), Azina Olena, Gerasimiv Andriy, Gachok Tetyana (Lanivtsi), Dvorska Tetyana (Ternopil), Mikitash Petro (Ternopil), Shvets Oleg, Dybailo Vasilina (Kyiv), Sopronyuk Halyna (Ternopil), Anastasia (Kyiv), anonymous philanthropist, pizzeria "Skorini" (Ternopil)

: 28 August 2021

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