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Summer of freedom and joy 2021

Nineteen children who deprived of parental care from the Berezhany state-run orphanage boarding lyceum received an interesting and meaningful summer vacation outside their school. Together with compassionate people from Ukraine and abroad, we were able to raise the required amount of money UAH 110,000 ($4000) for the organization of interesting 21-days camp at the complex "Forest" which is located in a picturesque corner of the village of Skomorohy, Buchach district, Ternopil region.

The holiday program was full of interesting events that children tried for the first time and will remember for a long time:

- The Children rode on catamarans

- Swam in the pond and sunbathed

- Fishing,

- Dancing,

- Fried potatoes with lard and sausages on the fire during picnics. It was the children's favorite thing to do.

- We went to the waterfalls and to the old oak. The children told us stories - legends of these places.

- Participated in interesting competitions and fun games

- Got acquainted with children from different parts of the Ternopil region and made new friends.

- Learned about interesting places during excursions on the outskirts of the complex.

- Learned about the traditions of St. Ivan Kupala: children wove wreaths, prepared fire.

All these events took place in the fresh air surrounded by forests and rivers. But most of all children wanted attention and communication with adults. From morning to evening, the children were bombarding volunteers Igor, Volodymyr and Andriy, with questions and stories. The volunteers listened carefully to each child and answered all their questions.

To give the children more energy, which they spend every day on activities, we treated children with sweets and ice cream, which children love the most.

We thank our benefactors who joined and helped us to organize the camp. Together we were able to give a little freedom and joy to the children who found themselves without parental care, because due to quarantine restrictions, these children were limited in meaningful summer vacation.

Chris and Adrian Spronks, USA

Gordon and Karen Griffins, USA

WALO group (Netherlands)

Starling Vladimir,

Oleksandr Dykun,

Christina Trygub and her friends

Shashurina Lily

Unknown - 2 people.

We thank the Administration of the complex for the care, hospitality, wonderful atmosphere of recreation and health of children and volunteers.

: 25 July 2021

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