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Loss unites people

WE LOSE people, but we do not lose faith. Loss always unites people. Thank you to everyone who helped raise funds for the funeral of the orphan, a pupil of the Koropets boarding orphanage school Oleg Kirillovsky (Lisitsinsky).

Oleg will always remain in our hearts, both bright and with a great sense of humor, a positive guy.

Oleg was only 41 years old ... Oleg loved life very much, despite the difficult fate of his life: he did not know his parents, he came from Kyiv region, from the first months of his life he grew up in an orphanage, then a boarding orphanage school, then adult life, difficult 90- th they did not break him, but only gave him the strength to move forward, live and create. Oleg loved to cook and always treated other orphanage graduates.

Oleg was not alone, school friends who were nearby and were his family.

May he rest in peace.

Thanks to 47 friends of Oleg and good people who did not remain indifferent, and helped us to raise funds needed for organizing a funeral.

The total cost of the funeral was $430 US dollars.

: 06 July 2021

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