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Childrens Birthday Celebration in orphanages

"Birthday" - not just a birthday party, but great attention to the lives of the children living in state-run orphanage boarding schools. Through the Foundation Program, people can show their mercy, kindness, attention, sensitivity and get to know more children who grow up without parental warmth.

Our supporters put the soul into a gift to a child on birthday and with great joy greet the children. Every month orphans and children deprived of parental care celebrate their birthdays and received a dreamed gift. We try to do everything possible to make the holiday with positive emotions and attention.

Most of the time, benefactors have the opportunity to come to the boarding school and personally congratulate a child, but volunteers of the Foundation, who carry out this mission on their behalf and deliver the gift and organize the celebration.

The team of the Foundation wants to thank those good people who opened their hearts and joined the Birthday Program in April and May:

Olia Dmytryk (London);

Khrystyna Trygub and her friends (Ternopil);

Alexander Dykun (Kyiv);

Tetyana Hachok (Lanivtsi);

Oksana Trendovatska Oksana Trendovatska (Terebovlia)

Oleksandra Lavryshyn (Ternopil);

Alina Sagan (Ternopil)

Together with them, we managed to greet gifteen children from six state-run boarding schools of our region Berezhany, Ternopil, Nove Selo, Zalishchyky, and Terebovlia two institutions.

The children received not just gifts, but attention and faith in a better future, having loyal friends of the Foundation. Words do not convey the emotions of the children who are just delighted with their gifts and meet new people. Flip through a series of photos from the children celebration.

We are happy that we can help the children feel a real Birthday celebration, implementing such program for the fourth year in a row with the help of caring people

Friends, the approximate budget of the Birthday Program for one child is 900 UAH/ $35. Such expenses included gift for a child, pizza / juice or a cake with candles and transportation costs.

Each of you can make a real Birthday holiday for a child in orphanage, join the Program "Birthday"

Call 0966839013 (Iryna)

: 30 May 2021

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