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Easter basket for needy families

In anticipation of Easter, we gave light to 20 graduates - former students of state run orphanage boarding schools (including 15 mothers with 23 children), who needed support and attention under the Program of the Foundation "Hands of Help".

Every year, we implement such action when each orphanage graduate is able to reconcile with sausage and kulichikah to please themselves and their children, knowing that Christ is risen indeed, and has a lot of good, light and love in every heart and every home.

"Thank you for your attention to me and my child," said mother Irina

"Thank you to the Foundation team for the delicious basket, I will be able to save a little on food," - said graduate Mykola.

"Thank God there are people like you who lend a helping hand at the right time," Angela's mother said.

"If it weren't you, I wouldn't be able to buy Easter babka for myself and my children, God bless you," said Ludmila.

Our Foundation, in turn, expresses words of gratitude and respect to those benefactors who shared their light with needy young people and children:

Andriy Stanislavsky from "AIL-Trading" (Ternopil)

Ternopil Poultry Farm,

Nadzbruchchia Khlib LLC

p.Myhaylo Homenyuk (Ternopil)

Vasyl (Ternopil),

Family Volyanyk (Ternopil).

The total budget of the action "Easter basket" was 8963, 96 UAH. (UAH 448.19 per 1 person).

"Christ risen!" - "He is Risen Indeed!"

: 01 May 2021

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