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Motivational gathering at the Resource Center for Orphans

On that day, fourteen orphanage graduates gathered together at the Ternopil Resource Center to learn basic steps of successful life from successful businessman Mr. Andriy Savchuk, who currently owns more than five companies in Ukraine and about three companies are abroad, and the director of the charity fund "Memory and Love".

The topic of the meeting was "Work in Ukraine or abroad: there is a choice". Young people came to make change in their lives today and heard life stories from Mr.Andriy, who went through a difficult life. As a child he grew up as an orphan who was raised in boarding schools in Ternopil area.

Some of the young people were present with us online and had the opportunity to ask the speaker the most exciting questions about finding a job in Ukraine and abroad, as well as opportunities, career growth, finding themselves in professions, companies run by Mr. Andriy Savchuk.

The biggest recipe for success that Andriy shared with the young people is a constant work (the desire to try yourself in various spheres of life) and work on yourself, as well as clearly set goals for the coming years.

In such a circle of trust and acceptance, each of the participants was able to take something important for themselves that give faith for bright and quality future.

At the end of the meeting, everyone was treated with tea, coffee and delicacies, thanks to the philanthropist Alexander Dykun (Kyiv), for which we truly thank.

The Foundation's team expresses its gratitude to the speaker Andriy Savchuk for taking the time in his busy schedule and sharing valuable things from his experience with orphaned youth.

: 22 April 2021

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