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Facial skin care workshop

The Resource Center for Orphans hosted a useful and practical workshop on "Fundamentals of Facial Skin Care" for girls, the beneficiaries of the Orphans Future organization. Such a meeting was made possible thanks to the volunteer, Olga Karavanska (Ternopil)

It was a day of beauty and self-love. It's not a secret that a well-groomed, clean face, the first sign of a healthy person and a guarantee of self-confidence.

For girls who have just started an independent life, it is very important to choose the right tools to be effective. So, during the master class, the girls considered foyr main steps that give the desired result:

1) cleaning - a very important stage;

2) toning;

3) hydration and protection;

4) nutrition and recovery;

What did the practical workshop for girls give?

First of all, it helped to determine the skin type of each participant, taught to take care of yourself every day to be beautiful, healthy and confident to go to your goal.

Such meetings are necessary in our time. When it comes to finding a job, it is the appearance that is very important.

At the end of workshops each of the participants received an individual gift (facial skin care products) from a volunteer Olya, which was a pleasant surprise for our girls.

Also, a tasty snack fruit, sweets, coffee, and tea was organized for the participating girls thanks to the philanthropist Oleksandr Dykun (Kyiv), for which we truly thank you.

"I hope that the workshop on the topic" Fundamentals of facial skin care "will be useful for girls," said the participants of the meeting.

Friends, if you want to share practical and useful life hacks with orphans, we invite you to join the team of volunteers.

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: 02 April 2021

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