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A holiday of dreams for orphanage children

Birthday is one of the favorite holidays for most children. This is not surprising, because on this day a child receives the most gifts and wishes, has pleasant surprises and fun with family and friends.

But there are children who do not celebrate this day with relatives or close people. These are children who grow up in orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region, Ukraine. But they have an opportunity to celebrate this holiday thanks to the Birthday Program, The children receive warm words and attention from volunteers and philanthropists of the Orphans Future Foundation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that children who are brought up and live in boarding schools love their birthdays very much. After all, this is a very fun holiday, after which there are a lot of wonderful memories and many gifts.

So, in March, nine children from four orphanage boarding schools (Berezhany, Ternopil, Zalishchyky, Nove Selo) celebrated their birthdays and received the most important thing - the attention from caring people. We know that a child's birthday is a personal holiday, and we are sure that on this day dreams must come true.

The Foundation's team expresses its gratitude to the kind people who joined the Birthday Party Program and congratulated the children on their birthdays:

Alexander Dykun (Kyiv),

Khrystyna Trygub and her friends (Ternopil),

Olya Dmytryk (England),

Veronika Dohvat (Ternopil),

Tetyana Hachok (Lanivtsi),

Tetyana Vykhovanets (Ternopil),

Maria Lysak and Tetyana Zastavna (Berezovytsia).

Thank you for joining the charity for the benefit of children.

Friends, join the program "Birthday" and greet the children who were born in April.

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: 31 March 2021

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