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"Shoes for youth and children"

Shoes for our youth who are part of the Helping Hands Program of the Foundation. Thanks to indifferent benefactors Mr. Andriy Mazurkevich and Mr. Artem Slobodyanyuk from Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine, the fifty five needy orphanage graduates and single mothers with children were put in beautiful and new sneakers before the spring season.

It is very important for us that it is possible to support our youth who left state-run orphanages and struggle because they do not receive any help on Birthdays, Christmas or Easter from relatives, as they grew up in orphanages and have no relatives to help them in difficult moments.

This is not about pity for such young people, but about the fact that often in adult independent life they have to cope with themselves and their children rely only on themselves, because that is the reality. That is why we act as hands of help, support, understanding and compassion that each of us so desperately needs at this difficult time.

Here are the impressions shared by the beneficiaries:

"Thank you for not forgetting about me and my children, what you are doing is a very necessary thing," said mother Iryna.

"How good it is to know that there is organization that cares for orphans, no matter what," said Mykola, a graduate of the boarding school.

"Thanks to the benefactors who helped my family with spring shoes in such a timely manner, and in return I will save money and buy more products that are so expensive," Martha's mother said.

"Wow, what cool shoes, thank you very much and the good people who gave such help to me," graduate Artem.

We thank people who share their kindness with orphans, it is valuable for us.

You can send charitable help online through the LiqPay System: LIQPAY

And remember, together we can do more.

: 27 March 2021

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