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Orphans birthdays wishes

Birthday is a special holiday for every child. Then their most desirable dreams come true. Orphans Future team has been implementing the Birthday Program for orphanage children since 2019.

We understand that the festive emotions that children will receive as children through the Birthday Program will be remembered for a lifetime.

So, in February, six birthday children from five orphanage boarding schools in Ternopil region celebrated their birthdays and received attention from caring benefactors. With great interest, the birthday kids were unpacking and looking at their gifts (music speakers, music headphones, sweets, doll, dress), which they dreamed of and wanted so much. You should see their joy in their eyes.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, our volunteers and philanthropists are unable to visit the children now days and spend more time with the child with a delicious pizza or a cake, but can donate gifts through the Foundation's representatives.

The Orphans Future team on behalf of our children thanks to the benefactors who joined the congratulations in February and gave the children the most important thing - a piece of their kindness:

Alexander Dykun (Kyiv),

Anastasia Chabanova (Kyiv),

Tetyana Hachok (Lanivtsi),

Iryna Mandryk (Ternopil),

Natalia Polova-Matiyash (Berezovytsia village),

Tanya (Kyiv),

Oleksiy Shupenya (Ternopil).

Friends, join in the greetings. Nine children who were born in March are expecting to have a happy birthday wishes.

: 28 February 2021

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