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"Affordable housing for orphan youth"

The Affordable Housing for Orphan Youth Program helped nine orphanage graduates to have a roof over their heads during the winter season, thanks to caring benefactors and Hlywa Fund.

Each of these nine orphan graduates is in difficult financial situation. They have not enough funds to rent a housing, pay for utilities or improve living conditions.

The participants of the Program are young people aged 23+ years old and work constantly. Some of them raise children on their own, and another are in search of permanent and stable housing, as there are a high risks of living on the streets.

Unfortunately, these young people lost their right to get housing from Ukraine state before they turned 23 and now the age does not allow them to use such a right.

They have no one to take care of them because they are adults and should be independent", "successful", "earn well" and this list can be continued, however, there is one nuance: graduates of orphanages, after 23 years are still not ready for the challenges of adult life.

Te housing issue itself is the most painful for everyone in Ukraine and especially for orphanage graduates.

Here is what experience Orphan Alumni share by becoming members of the Affordable Orphan Housing Program:

"I thank the Foundation for helping me during the heating season, if it weren't you, I wouldn't know how I should survive this winter," Leonid said.

"You always come to help my children and they now sleep in a warm house," - single mother of 2 children Iryna.

"I thank the benefactors who helped me with renting a house in the winter," said Olesya, a mother of three children.

"I am sincerely grateful for such support and for helping me to pay for utilities in the winter" said single mother Natalia.

"How cool to know that there are people who are not indifferent to my problems, thank you for supporting me and all the needy orphans" Ruslan.

Thus, the total amount of the Affordable Housing for Orphans Program for 3 months (January, February and March) was UAH 53,062.00 for nine orphanage graduates.

We want to thank kind people who warmed up with their support of such graduates in the cold winter.

Friends, each of you can become an individual Mentor for a needy orphanage graduate. Please contact us for details.

: 22 February 2021

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