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An Attention on Orphans Birthday

Every month we give attention and care to the children who live in state-run orphanage boarding school system of the Ternopil region, Ukraine, thanks to the implementation of the Birthday Program. Every month, the Birthday children are waiting for guests who find time to visit the children and spend some time with them during the Birthday celebration. For these children, the Birthday is a real holiday, because they believe that only on Birthday their dreams may come true.

So in January 2021, four children celebrated their birthdays and received unforgettable emotions and gifts.

Here are the impressions the children shared about their Birthdays:

"I am very grateful for your gift to me, I am very happy, I love you," - Marichka.

"Hurray, I have got a personal phone, thank you for the gift," - Alina.

"I am grateful for your attention and surprise," said Mykhailo.

This birthday was made possible thanks to philanthropists and friends of the Foundation - Oli Dmytryk (London); Tatiana Gachok (Lanivtsi); Maria Lysak (village of Berezovytsia); Tatiana Zastavna (village of Berezovytsia); Natalia Fialko (village of Bila Tserkva).

Orphans Future Foundation sincerely thanks to the benefactors for their involvement.

Friends, if you also want to give your attention to a child who live in orphanages boarding schools, we invite you to the Birthday Program.

In February we will have six children from five boarding schools of the Ternopil region (Ternopil, Berezhany, Nove Selo, Zalishchyky, Terebovlia) who will celebrate their birthdays.

Contact: 0966839013 (Iryna the Program Coordinator)


It is possible donate through the LIQPAY system * With the label "Birthday"

Together we can always do more.

: 31 January 2021

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