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Christmas Quest 2021

This is the end of the Christmas Quest, which was organized in Ternopil from December 20 to January 10, in order to attract charitable donations to the Charitable Foundation "Orphans Future"

Thanks to the teams that participated and joined the good cause we raised UAH 3100 ($110 USD): SPECTR, Orphans Future team, Freedom, P.C.B., Socionics-Ternopil, Christmas rolls, H.R.A.U., Elf.

Sincere thanks also to the local tv channels - TV-4 and Public Ternopil

for coverage of this project.

Christmas Quest was made possible by developer Mr. Sergiy Smolyak

We express our sincere gratitude to him and hope that his quests will be successful among the people of Ternopil and guests of the city. This quest is one of many that Serhiy develops and implements.

We thank Maryana Hrytsyna, Iryna Sytnyk, Sofiya Pasichnyk, Olya Standret, Rostyslav Rudenskyy, Svitlana Tavanets, Ivan Abramets, Vladyslav Puzakov, the chairman of the foundation Andriy Nazarenko.

: 13 January 2021

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