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Financial Literacy

I have learned about product prices, I have learned how to spend money in a proper way, Ive realized that I do not need to spend all the money at once, but gradually. These are the feedbacks from students of grades 8-11 of Ternopil orphan homes who participated in the second workshop of the series of workshops conducted within the framework of the program Around the turn of independent living on financial literacy that took place this autumn. Teens have learned to make and plan a personal budget, with some income and a rational use of it in the present and in the future. Thanks to speakers, Iryna Vakaliuk, Liza Obleshchak, Iryna Bodnar, Tamara Morozovych, this hands-on workshop helped teens find out how to manage their money effectively during the lifetime.

The students continued to socialize through open access to the money they received for public transportation and lunch in Ternopil, thus actively communicating with new people and developing confidence and independence.

Also, in the context of Financial Literacy workshop, 15 students visited a snail farm, in Novyky village, Zbarazh district, and saw a successful model of the idea of young entrepreneurs that has grown into a profitable business. To see with your own eyes the greenhouses where snails are grown was a great discovery for children! Thank you Taras Slabyi for a wonderful snail farm excursion.

We thank the driver #Vasyl Dubinskyi, who has joined the Foundation Program and provide transportation services for our children many times.

We would like to remind that the program Around the turn of independent living is implemented with the financial support of an organization from the United States, Global Fund for Children, and with the assistance of the Department of Education and Science of Ternopil Regional State Administration.

: 28 October 2019

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