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Developing communication skills

"I understood the importance of communication skills in life"- such feedback we received from one of the participants of the social program "On the threshold of independent life". The future orphanage graduates took part in the second module called "Developing Communication Skills" that took place on March 16 in the city of Ternopil. (Berezhany, Nove Selo, and Ternopil)

Such interactive training sessions prepare the youth for independent adult life after a boarding school.

This time, one group had a quest in the city on the development of communication skills, overcoming internal barriers and the ability to negotiate. The coach, Andriy Khrushch from the Caritas Ternopil Foundation and another group worked with trainers, Zhenya Chekushkin and Yuri Mamus at the Christian Learning Center "Success", where the children increased competence in effective interpersonal communication, interaction with others and development of conflict resolution skills.

In addition, the orphanage children continued to use public transport in Ternopil city, chose a place for lunch, and coffee break and most important learn to manage money.

This Program provides alternative practical education to the students and shows a different way to make decisions!

The program is implemented with the financial support from the Global Fund for Children and hard work of the Orphans' Future team of volunteers and local NGOs.

If you want to continue to do us such important mission, please join us.

: 19 March 2019

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