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Christmas Orphans' trip 2019 to Historical #Lviv

When all children and families get together on Christmas holidays, there are children who deprived of parental care stay in state-run institutions of Ukraine without any opportunities to experience the feeling of real Christmas celebration with its traditions.

That is why Orphans Future team does steps to fill the gap of emptiness of every child living in orphanage. Thanks to our friend Antonio Centeno and the company Real Men Real Style the 16 orphans were able to go to Lviv and spent two full days there and enjoyed the celebration of the Christmas holidays. Some children were on a train for the first time in their life and they really liked it.

During the two days in Lviv, the children visited historical buildings, old churches, made own Christmas card, learned to make own pizza and just enjoyed the City of Lviv on a tour bus.

We are Thankful to our constant partner organization, The Lviv Orphan Center which volunteers assisted our children during the trip. Children really had a great time.

Impressions of Children from Christmas Trip to Lviv:

"I really liked the excursion around Lviv, and especially the miraculous train", - Eric

"In Lviv there is a very beautiful center and a monastery," - Vladislav

"I prepared for myself the pizza I wanted," Eugene

"I finally realized how to make postcards and I'm very pleased," Misha

"Thank you to the organizers for a real holiday," - Maria

"I saw the Lviv city at night, that was so beautiful" - Yuri

: 12 January 2019

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