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A Mentor to an Orphan

During November 13-14, 2015, Andriy Nazarenko, Director of Orphans Future, for the first time took part at international conference on mentoring, which was organized by the charitable organization, One Hope More than 200 people from Ukraine has and Belarus, who already have some experience with mentoring, were in attendance.

"The purpose of participation in the conference was to establish close ties between the people and organizations that have become mentors to hundreds of Ukrainian orphans and children deprived of parental care; and to share mentoring strategies that have been applied in other regions of Ukraine. Andriy Nazarenko stated the importance for us at Orphans' Future of introducing a social networking program in the Ternopil Region.

During the two day conference, the participants shared their useful life experiences, and studied and planned for the future. It was noted that there were complex issues involved in networking with orphanage boarding schools because there is little understanding in public institutions of the differences between the concepts of mentoring and adoption.

On the first day of the opening of the conference participants received words of support from The President's Commissioner for Children's Rights, Mykola Kuleba, who supports the mentoring program and has promised that legislation on this issue will soon be formally voted on in parliament and signed by the President. Changes need to be made as the present system of gifts or large scale concerts do not assist the socialization of orphanage children as effectively as individual monitoring. Monitoring programs are a valuable alternative for those orphanage children who reach adolescence without having had the advantage of experiencing a loving family environment as in a foster home for example.

During the conference useful knowledge and experiences were shared by speakers from Poland (Marek Vnuk), Georgia (Luibov Loriashvili) and Mexico (Mina Pidhayska), who presented information about the many complex factors, including personality types and psychological issues, that impact on the lives of adolescents and suggested strategies for those working with adolescents to build trust, encourage and motivate them to achieve successful lives.

As explained by Andriy Nazarenko, "the result of participation in the conference will be the introduction and development of a mentoring program in the Ternopil region by Orphans' Future with the hope that the directors of boarding schools and education department officials will respond with an appreciation of our goals and contribute to the implementation of the program".

Volunteers of Orphans Future will attend a number of training courses in Kyiv, Lviv and Ternopil to become better equipped to be trainers or mentors to implement the program for the Ternopil community and local people will join and become mentors and partners in the program and true friends for children and adolescents living in boarding schools, and this will help them achieve the best results for their future.

Those wishing to become a mentor please contact us: tel: +380975530820, email:

: 17 November 2015

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