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Ternopil Orphan Graduates Discover Lviv

All day on September 26th, 2015, thirty orphanage graduates ages 17-23 years of Ternopil region had an opportunity to discover the city of Lviv with a sense of great excitement and anticipation as Lviv is the historical center of nationalist Ukraine. Thanks to the volunteers from the charitable organization "The Orphan Care Center, our young people plunged into the history, culture and modernity of the city.

The orphans walked around an Old Market Square, where they had the opportunity to see the monuments of different styles such as Baroque, Art Nouveau, Renaissance and Romanesque architecture. The orphans were fascinated by beauty of the Solomia Krushelnytska Opera and Ballet Theatre, which is considered the gem of the city. In the theater they visited the mirrored room and were impressed by the special acoustics of the auditorium which hosts performances of Ukrainian and foreign bands.

The awesome surprise for our Ternopil orphans, who are mostly sports fanatics, was the tour to the modern stadium Arena Lviv, which was held for them by Mr. Viktor Cherkashin. During the tour they listened attentively about the history of the construction of the stadium, visited the rooms in which famous football players, presidents and other VIP persons sit, and they watched how the stadium lawn was taken care of. Everyone took photos of the stadium and places where celebrities sit.

The continuation of the tour brought the orphans to Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church, located in the city center. In the dungeon of Jesuit fathers, the orphan graduates had the opportunity to see the sarcophagus carved of the 18th century of Archbishop Nicholas Vyzhytsky. Captured by the beauty and paintings of the Armenian Cathedral of God Mother, which is hidden among dense center of Lviv city, the orphans were spellbound.

Outside the strong aroma of coffee and chocolate filled the air attracting visitors to to the old streets and to famous cafes and it made a pleasant memory for our young people who went away with a much greater appreciation of their cultural heritage.

The team of Orphans Future is grateful for our partnership with "The Orphans Care Center" for making tour the great success it was and also for their really wholehearted support of the projects for orphans and young people. We wish everyone good health and well-being.

: 28 september 2015

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