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From Heart to Heart 2015

During March and April 2015, three hundred children of Ternopil regional state-run institutions received gifts from United States and Canadian children. These gifts are given to disadvantaged Ukrainian children during the implementation of the annual charity program From Heart to Heart, which aims to give moments of joy and support to children deprived of parental care living in Ukraine. The program also encourages the development of philanthropy among the children.

Volunteers of Orphans Future visited ten state-run institutions and personally distributed a box of gifts to each child. Each child got something special and interesting for himself or herself, and most importantly - the idea of ??concern, because children from abroad gave a bit of kindness and mercy. The participants of the program From Heart to Heart can write to each other and communicate to stay in touch with their new friends. The shoe box included such gifts as socks, gloves, hats, toys, dolls, cars, puzzles, stationery, gum, candy, and shoes.

It was nice to deliver gifts to children and see their joyful smiles when they opened the box and looked inside.

The organizer of the Shoe Box Project was the World Orphan Projectwhich is a partner of Orphans Future. More information on the World Orphan Project is available at

Thank you to all the kids in theUnited StatesandCanadawho participated in the Heart to Heart project!

: 03 April 2015

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