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Sport Life of our Orphanage Graduates

On February 28, 2015 ten volunteers of Orphans Future participated in the football (soccer) tournament "Cup of Hope 2015", which took place in Lviv city. The competition was between organizations which work with orphans. The organizer of the football tournament was The Orphans Care Center, who is partner and friend of Ternopil orphans and orphanage graduates.

The Orphans Future team joined the tournament "Cup of Hope" for the first time and got second place among other eight teams of participants from different organizations.

The purpose of this tournament is to meet new representatives of various organizations working with orphans and promote healthy lifestyle.

Our participants were able to go to the city of Lviv and participated in this event Thanks to the financial support from Mr. John Speakman (Germany).

: 06 March 2015

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